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Is that bad David?

I know nothing about football 


Of football I know nothing, except if you cut one in half it might make two nice hanging baskets...


And then you could hang them from the goal least that would be useful...........and attractive too


David I saw your thread title and you frightened me. I thought you were poorly. I know what Shankly said about life and footie etc..but crickey I'm glad it's only footie that's wrong with you. 

Hugs anyway.

Try living with a Blade


Hugs David.   I support Liverpool too.  But its not over til the fat lady sings .......



Although I'm not a Liverpool supporter as such, I've always felt friendly towards them and taken a sort of an interest, so I understand your trauma David. ((hugs))

However, your trauma can be nothing compared with that inflicted on a lifelong follower of  Ipswich Town 

I remember the heady days of Sir Alf and Sir Bobby ...................... how are the mighty fallen.....


I say, what about Blades 1815 !!! or something like that LOL

David............but doesn't someone always have to lose ?  Otherwise you couldn't have a winning team ?

Doesn't losing make you a better person.......learning humility, makes you try harder, blah, blah ?

Just trying to cheer you up


It's not the winning, it's the taking part.... or some such tosh.

Busy Bee2

Liverpool supporters make natural gardeners.  But look at it this way, if someone said last summer, you can come second, go into Europe, get the whole nation talking about you again, make Man Utd look rubbish, have a feeling that you're on the up.  Come on David, we would all have gone for that.  So even though my tomatoes are stringy, and the peas are a nightmare, pretty much everything else is lovely in the garden, the weather is pretty good.  Nobody slags off a team who score goals, but leak at the back, but they can't bear teams who defend for 90 minutes.  Liverpool are exciting, and a metaphor for the ups and downs of life,  and that's how we love them.  We have to go forward into next season with a sense of optimism we haven't had for yonks.  So just harvest what you can for now


Palace did Blades at old Wembley in play offs 92nd minute, first & last time I was there. We got home and next morning I needed a saucer of milk to coax OH out from under the bed.  

Saucer of milk David ??

Sweet peas are hardy  xx

star gaze lily

My OH and boys support Chelsea.

And I could watch 'the special one' all day 

Sending you hugs David 

I thought the same as Kef, so glad your not poorly, another hug