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  Business of course,  not much else to discuss..I've put my tin hat on and started running.

star gaze lily

The one with the glasses looks like Alan Carr's dad.

Thinkthere's another name for that, its not twerking

Secret Squirrel

no, that's men going for a jimmy riddle! Ladies look away!

Those guys are simply watching  the cricket on tother side. 



I remember quite recently driving past a similar row of  men with something like Suffolk Constabulary FC on the backs of their track suits.  All seemed to be looking at something interesting in a hedgerow 

Hi everybody,  I have also happened upon this blog and it seems to a rather interesting site.  Lots of good humour and twerking.  So pleased to learn that dumb questions,re gardening,  are not ignored or ridiculed.  How does one get their gardening mojo back. I have an allotment and a back garden that I culvitate and just cannot get motivated at all.  Do I take to the gin bottle or gird my loins!!!


Hi Jonus and welcome - it happens to us all from time to time - one thing that's guaranteed to spark my interest again is to get a catalogue from a different seed company, full of things I've never tried before 

The other thing that works for me is to read through lots of posts on here and see what other people are doing ............. suddenly, without noticing it, I'm out in the garden doing it too 

The third thing that works is warmer weather and sunshine - it'll happen soon, but I hear we've got a cold snap coming in Feb, so best not get the seeds started too soon 

PS - the gin bottle is the reward for having been out there 


Just keep reading this forum Jonus as we all gee each other along so you will be swept along too and will soon be girding your loins. I don't even look at my allotment till March as it is like a paddy field.

Secret Squirrel

Yeah, chin up Jonus, I've got cabin fever! otherwise I would not start threads like this! What helps me get through this limbo period, is I start to wash seed trays and pots. I buy a cheap drawing pad and start planning displays.

This weekend I'll be repairing trellis and maybe wash the outside of the greenhouse.

star gaze lily

Hi Jonus 

Won't be ables to get oit in my garden for ages, had so much rain last night and today, its flooded. Thankfully the house is ok

Orchid Lady
Hi Jonus, I only joined last night and am sure a lot of the daft questions will be from me......I have a head full of them but don't want to take over the site!!

Re the comments about the illuminations, unfortunately the buses that arrive now are hen and stag do's and generally don't care where they stop when needed (fact.....being fairly local to Blackpool but NOT in Blackpool!!). Nothing like it was when I was little and came to stay with my Nan and gramps for the summer!

Will there be any twerking at the football???

Hey, Tracey,

At least stuff does grow in Blackpool. The gardens on the front, driving past the dunes towards Lytham, are amazing considering all the sand, wind and rain they get, and few, if any, are gravelled over.   


Hi Jonas & I think I've already said hello to Tracey

Jonas I'm feeling very lacking in motivation at the moment due to everything being wet through. What I have been doing is Googling the plants that people mention on the forum. I started keeping a book in the Summer of all the plants I wasn't familiar with and which sounded like my sort of I just need a bigger garden.

Tracey doesn't matter what questions you ask, we have all had to learn at some time. Years ago I went into panic mode because my Hostas were "dying" I re-potted, fed them to no avail. Had there been the forum someone would have told me that they die back in Winter, rather than me worrying.

Also the forum has taught me what "twerking" is.


Orchid Lady
Hi KEF...always handy to know what twerking is, I don't think anyone has mentioned googling Miley Cyrus who introduced us to twerking!!!

Zoomer, the gardens on the front driving into Lytham are beautiful! I think a lot of those people have professionals to do the hard work for them and I don't live in one of them unfortunately.

Hello to you all,  thank-you for replying to my bleat.  After sending my letter I put away the gin bottle and gathered up my husband and went and did some tidying up on my plot. Such a lot of rubbish had suddenly appeared, leaves, twigs and such.  Lots of bending, lifting and huffing and puffing and hey presto aching backside!  Lots of bags of rubbish and very little to see for my hardish work.