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 Not the best pic its my Cr  Rubbish mobcam again  this huge plant was at the side of the Hogweed yesterday is it to go into  Tea making bucket with the Hog  or is it a friend  please


looks like a Japanese anemone leaf to me, so a friend, if you like them
They spread quite a bit and look great when they're all in flower.
I've got several patches of them.


I'd agree with Pete but it's a bit hard to tell when it's so close up Alan. Can you get a longer view of it at all?


Looks like my Japanese Anemones at the moment. 


Many thanks for that,i,llget another pic 2nite  Jap anemone,right ,The reason i have so many unidentified plants is as were new here,the previous owners seem to have planted everything poss,plants just keep shooting up everywhere also of course weeds as well,i mean the Hog looked really nice as a plant and just grew so fast,and as Kate clears all the weeds more plants come through ,one question id like to ask is  a plant we know as red hot poker came up ,just one  and now has lots of seeds at its lower part of the red/orange poker part ,can i collect and grow them ,and if so am i right in thinking if the seeds are now falling off then thats the time they self seed so have a go now ,.Or no anybody up for this tricky one please And its brightening up erein Norfolk Many thanks for the info ava good en



If the seeds are falling off they should be ripe but make sure they areseeds, not just wet and rotted flower remains falling off. It's very early for pokers to have made seeds


Hi im back hers the poker and (seeds) and the Anemone leaves i hope.






Those look  like dead flowers . There won't be ripe seeds at the bottom while it's still flowering


Right you r Nutcutlet many thanks for all the help its getting brighter im off to the greenhouse Cheers

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