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 Hi can anyone id this please ,its around 8 feet high and is taking over a pergola ,smells nice and is growing fast cheers

Stacey Docherty

Oh I have one of those but can't remember what it's called lol

I think its what is commonly called Chocolate Vine, if so its a beautiful thing I haven't managed to grow - YET




Akebia quinata aka The Chocolate vine. Very vigorous grower where suited.


I get all the leaves and few of the flowers


Morning all i cant claim any glory for this plant as it was ere when we came,but i would definitely have wanted one ,its growing like agooden,and smells nice too,going to find how to take cuttings as  this ones worth planting around the garden,Right you clever people out there many,many thanks from Sunny Norfolk 

It's extremely invasive in my garden, strangling shrubs and an apple tree, and snaking across the grass with its very tough stems. The stems get caught in the lawnmower blade and take an age to untangle. But I looked at the flowers this morning and was charmed all over again!


I'm wondering whether it would be happy grown against my south-facing fence - RHS says southfacing  - does anyone grow it in full sun?


It is lovely in the spring and easy and hardy. I have one scrambling up the pergola and it is north enjoy

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