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Sorry its me again,we have loads of both these plants in a big bed ,none have flowered ,the storks sticking through were daffs  but what are all these flag type plants and the tall ones ,the bed is solid with them so i think they were planted on purpose, ( could be wrong of course)  its a lovely bed but no colour at all , any help please.




The tall ones in the first pic are delphiniums, Alan.  Just about to flower by the looks of it.

I'm not sure about the 2nd one - possibly daylilies (Hemerocallis) as the leaves of those are around for months before the flowers start appearing and they are quite rampant growers.


I'd agree with Bob. Delphiniums - great looking specimens. Second pic looks like daylilies to me too. The foliage can be quite hefty on them.


Crocosmia ?


My crocosmia is more upright than Alan's appears to be so don't think that's it.

Can't help otherwise, soz  


KEF are right Panda too upright.  


Hi all,would you believe it iv been trying to grow Delphiniums from seed with no luck at all and iv got a bed full,i think im loseing lately,and the others the daylillies  weve got stacks of them, perhaps a thinning out might be good although they do keep the weeds at bay, Once again im very thankful for  all the help,i wish my camera had a better camera on it so many thanks for all that AGAIN  its sunny ere in Norfolk.


Pauline told you i was loseing it ,My mobile phone camera is Crap,Sorry

I thought the first were aconitum - how can you tell the difference? They look so similar!

tbf I thought the top ones were aconitums as well. I think I would be able to tell the difference in the flesh (or leaf) but not from the photo


Now you mention it, I had another look at a cleaned-up and resized image of the flowers at top right (see below) and I think they are aconitums, so keep trying with those delphinium seeds, Alan!


Aconitums are glorious - many of the attributes of delphiniums and none of the disadvantages 

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