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The answer is rubber gloves. I buy them by the box full, get through 2 or 3 x 100 pairs a year. The problem is half way through you inevitably find one finger escapes. So you double wrap, the fingers. Pick up the poop, bag it twice and put it in the bin. My worse cat poo ever was when it was fresh and all these round worms wriggling in it. Had to be sick before tackling that lot! Tried everything that wouldn't harm the animals. Gloves is best.

fidgetbones wrote (see)

I wish all cat owners would train their cats to use a litter tray. That way I wouldn't get a handful of something nasty hidden in the soil when I'm weeding and planting. ...and please put a bell around darling kitty's neck to save the bird population from carnage.

At least with a Fox it's obvious and you can use a trowel to scoop and remove.

Cats can sneak up on birds even with a bell. Also whilst not the majority, some cats don't like bells. Cats hearing is much keener than ours and having a constant ringing whenever you move doesn't seem very nice. Still it all depends on the cat

I can imagine your frustration. My grandparents lived in a bungalow with other cats about, and the odd one or two made visits. Its in their nature and the owner can't stop them. A dog yes, but a cat does what it wants and there's only so much an owner can disipline them on. Of course you could always invest in a sprinkler system

I have two cats of my own and I love to garden. My cats poop in ours but I accept it. Although my female cat has a habit of peeing in pots.. o_O

Anyway, see if you  can spot the pooper in action to see if it is a cat. As people have said they usually do it in loose soil and not the grass. Wish you luck though ^_^


Thank you Brumbull from diverting this from a murder scene to a laugh!

Are you sure it is a cat (cats)?? Hedgehogs are still very active and droppings look exactly the same plus are numerous. Also Foxes tend to c--- all over the place, although there is usually a whiff of fox attached!

Oooh it's that cat poo subject again. There must be a similar thread on at least 3 of the forum topics now!

I think we should ban all talk of cats from the forum and just discuss flowers!!


PS: I think it looks like Brumbull's singing kittys are working their way through the musical ... CATS!


I agree with Lancashire Lass.......except it's not just cat faeces ,it's the wildlife predation too.  But cats do seem to have taken over several threads - proof that it is a problem perhaps ?

Flowers certainly are a more interesting Winter honeysuckle and Mahonia smell gorgeous and the Hellebores look wonderful. Catkins galore, Viburnum out and smelling delicious, daffs showing buds - if only it would stop raining for a minute

As a point of interest tho, I always thought you could distinguish the faeces of Cats, Dogs and Foxes.  If it is reasonably fresh, there is a definite "Fox" whiff but also the can I put it politely........... Fox turd ends in a point ? Is this correct ? 


I never had a problem with cats when I had a dog. They knew the dog lived here and would always check to see if she was around before jumping off the fence. You had to see it to believe it, and they say some animals are stupid, I think not. It is annoying what they leave behind but really they just do what cats do. I have used jeyes fluid sprayed around and it does seem to help a little.


biofreak, I haven't actually seen the deposits being made, but if they are hedgehog dropping I wouldn't want to tackle the hedgehog which did it.

I have seen plenty of hedgehog stuff and this isn't like any I've seen them deposit in the past.


PS. Brumbull, I'm an animal lover too, but they do push their luck at times!

I can say they are definitely not hedgehogs in my garden (I would be over the moon if I had hog poop), they are a weird pale colour and uhmmm well soft to put it nicely (I wonder what they are fed?). I wouldn't mind the odd one now and then. But imagine before you garden everyday you have to hunt around and remove between 6-10 revolting presents. I do like cats and don't want to harm them, just to have a poop free zone. I am going to try citronella and tea tree oils on teabags hopefully this will deter them, I'll let you know KT53 if it works.

Orchid Lady
My mum was collecting tangerine peel last time I went round, she said it was to keep the cats away (her neighbour has 15 and my mum's dogs are useless cat guards!), not quite sure what she was doing with the peel but will ask her and report back.

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