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Smokin - im sorry for your loss.

im not sure people were knocking your advice, just the way it was given at times. We are all different and even though we may ask for advice some may not feel able to carry it out. Sometimes life gets in the way, not all on here may have the time and energy to spend on their gardens, whatever their passion. It would be a shame if you feel unable to continue on the forum, your advice is of course valuable, but wish you well if we don't hear from you again. Remember, no one disputes your knowledge, but it may be worth while stepping back a little to look and appreciate others feelings and abilities. Best wishes.


SD, you have been given advice on etiquette and you seem not to have heard it or chosen not to act upon it.

I repeat, it is not your advice that has been questioned.

Why does it hurt and annoy you so much when others do as they do? surely this is wasted energy and can only cause you yourself distress. It seems similar to road rage, but what is the point of being angry at some one elses mistakes?

Consider the advise yoiu have been given, perhaps apply it to all aspects of life.

does it matter if people don't have gardens, if they fantasise, its not our problem.

I guess im saying, relax a little.

Best wishes


You just don't get it do you?  You were rude and unkind about people who were asking for help.  

You've obviously never felt the need to ask for advice.


Seems like Groundhog Day again.

Smokin, that's very sad about Emma

I think we are all trying to say ??ou write some challenging articles.....I actually enjoy them ( be a great pity if you stop.) but maybe you come across a little strong.  I say this cos I am guilty of this myself, not just on the forum but in my daily life too.  

Smokin, this is a friendly forum and most posts are made with good intentions.  I give "advice" simply based on my own experience hoping if helps others here.  Your posts are unique and thought provoking so keep "smokin" smokin.



People don't like to be told that they are stupid. 

That's all you have to remember before you make an observation.



Your knowledge was never doubted,your manner of giving advice was,as has been pointed out many times recently.

From you starting this thread which is only a repetition of how the comments went on other threads is clear you don,t get it.

If you choose to leave the forum,so be it.



It seems that you should be taking some of the good advice you have been giving out



One of the big problems today is people do not like being told "NO" they dont like being told what to do for the best, and the same people have problem after problem.


You appear to be having problem after problem not with the content of your messages but the manner in which they have been written and people on the forum have tactfully pointed this out to you.

It sounds like it is now up to you to take on board your own advice and observations and those of the board and see if you can sow your seeds more productively...

that swift uppercut was precise and to the point.


Tactfully and politely phrased as well


Well done Daintiness.

SD take your own advice !


Think I need some lessons from you Daintiness about being tactful.

Hey......wot about me?  I'm tactful. I just think we need some stirring comments at times



Stirring comments interesting........RUDE comments unwelcome



SMOKIN DONKEY wrote (see)


 It's all very well saying 'but the person asking the question is very good to old ladies and budgies,

But he hasn't a clue or the common to see a tree over loaded with fruit,?



This is rude.




Also bad grammar and spelling. Also tapeworms are not bacteria.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now you are being provocative!

SMOKIN DONKEY wrote (see)

"Just because a person is a pro gardener is'nt saying they are any good, "It just says they get paid for their time,

But to have your skills in print by the likes of the "ROYAL HORTUCULTURAL SOCIETY, is saying your on the right lines to recieve the very best advice you can get, And we've so many good "in print' books to have only the best education ref gardening,"

For someone who has his skills endorsed by RHS, it appears he had a good editor.