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Hello everybody,well im almost back,the move to Mundesley was a disaster the removal company was just a joke, anyway were in the new house and an MRI scan says iv got nerves trapped in my neck so until they operate ( i hope ) i cant walk and all my left side is asleep for a bit,but fingers crossed i could be ok for the summer, SO the gardens waiting for some TLC all the new fruit trees are on order,blackberries,blueberries, as well ,tried to pot a lilly yesterday and fell through the side of the greenhouse literally !! no damage to me but the greenhouse looks sad,,my neighbour builder whos doing the alterations in the house herd the crash and came running but we couldn't get me back on my feet for ages due to both of us just laughing at the daft situation, anyway all ok now and ill try to keep up with you all, hi Dove havnt forgot you mi duck, good luck all ALAN

Alan, so glad to see you back on here but so sorry to hear about the trapped nerves!!!  Sounds awful - thank goodness for your neighbour!!!  

If there's anything I can do let me know.  

Have they tried physio?  I had a similar problem (although not as bad as yours) and physio has made a huge difference - I expect you're on huge painkillers - they made me very wobbly and I wasn't able to drive.

Good luck - at least you can type 

Have as Merry a Christmas as you can ..................... although if you're on painkillers you're probably not allowed to get too merry 

If you dont mind needles, acupuncture may work, I am half way through 6 weeks of sessions for trapped nerve in my back and I can now honestly say it has made my life so much better and reduced the pain levels significantly.


Hello Alan, good to have you back. The move seems like a nightmare, but it sounds as though you've survived it with good humour. Try to relax and recover a bit, leave the garden until the spring.


Hello Alan. Only been on the forum since April, so not met you before.


Hiya Alan.  Sorry your health isn't quite as you want it but here's wishing you big improvements.  Had to laugh at your greenhouse situation....sounds like a Norman wisdom film 

star gaze lily

Hi Alan, I've only been here since September,  so pleased to meet you. Sorry to hear you're poorly hope you get better soon. Best wishes Lily 

Hi all and many thanks for all your best wishes,Now how about this !! i had the mri about 10 days ago or so and iv already got an appointment with the specialist Dec 13 th now thats what i call a great NHS,things are looking up, cant wait to gat the trees and other stuff in, next year im going to really go to town on the planting,
right good luck all for next years gardening,now iv got to mend the greenhouse that some idiot fell through chall

Hi Alan - I take it you mean Jan 13th?   Too much Christmas Spirit??? 

dove strikes again and yes Jan 13 blessem and there's a definite build up of boozy things arriving daily, Christmas tree goes up tomorrow, and as everyone knows you have to drinks its health when its all trimmed up,if u didnt u do now cheers all ,ps dove you were right about Reeds nursery just the job for info and trees etc really helpful.

They are very good aren't they?  They eat sleep and breath fruit trees and bushes 

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