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Hope you are warm now Alan

SwissSue wrote (see)

Tina, why bigger radiator, have you got a cat fat too?

Yup, and she's getting on in years but it would need a much wider gap to snuggle into and the radiator would have to be about 5'2" long.

Hope you have defrosted Alan.  It's been even colder here today.  I might have to prise my son off his motorbike when he gets home. 



all done and dusted and nice and warm, feet up turned the telly on and what is this rubbish here 22 sillies kicking a ball about and later on another load of nutters all talking about it all over again, get a life lads and get yourselves  a garden,    thats it for now doors all done nice and new and looks great,  telly turned OFF, gardeners world chatters turned on and a bottle of Old Speckled Hen  Now thats what i call a result

Good luck allAlan4711 

Woodgreen wonderboy

25 years ago the experts were confidently predicting a mini ice-age. Then came the overwhelming movement about global warming. Now they only talk about climate change. What's the betting that the ice-age predictions were right afte all?

And can we trust any of them anyway??

I love your cat Sue, is it a british Blue? i have one he is totally mad and lives in his own little world. Tends to bully my smaller female cat and gets very jealous when i pay her and her brother any attention. His best place is in the bathroom sink, usually when im cleaning my teeth. Very helpful

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