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Would you believe it im sitting in mi lounge wi mi big winter coat on, a daft wooly hat over mi ears,coffee in both hands and thick working jeans on,WHY cus the double glazing chaps have just decided to make today the day when they are replacing mi patio doors  and now no doors its blowing through everytime they walk through and its freezing cold and i mean cold here in Tenby, the allotments blowing a good en, mi water but joints are now leaking cus o the cold and  so they all need empyting and redoing,and  apart from that the sky looks full o snow,,so im moveing to the kitchen pc an all, do hope you lot are all nice and warm and cosy having a nice day thank you 4 listening folks im down on the side as we used to say 



Hang on in there Alan4711 clocks move this W/E and there's snow in the garden, it can only get better.....I hope


Been keeping an eye on the 5 day weather forecast and see snow again on Sunday


My other half is in workshop making headstones with absolutely freeing cold water, cant wear gloves due to nature of work, stay in the kitchen and keep warm Alan.


Read my lips     their is no such thing as climate change




Jean Genie

Ooooh - I want one ! May just sit her and look at that all day.

Still haven't thawed out from GC and only looked in the indoor bit. According to weatherman . it's due to hit us again In West Lancs over Easter.

Totally fed up with it now.


Alan, why didn't you make arrangements to spend the day elsewhere? I don't know how you are coping, you poor thing.  I will go and turn down my central heating by a degree in sympathy.


Tina  your just toooooo kind  the doors are now in just need finishing and c/heatin s goin on full blast any time now after theve had another cuppa though


flowering rose

its so cold here ,the central heating makes no difference .I cant face going outside to do anything as I would have to wear at least 6 coats and ten hats.

Gary Hobson

I can recommend working (or even sitting) in an unheated greenhouse. The temperature in mine at the moment is around 22C. Not as warm as it was yesterday, but still comfortable.

Far more importantly, you are exposed to daylight. It's the absence of bright light that tends to make many people feel under the weather (this SAD syndrome).

There was an item about SAD on Sky News this morning. A lady doctor used a term that I had not heard before - NEWB.


flowering rose

right down to the green house then,shame the suns not out.


if i had i might join you all

Caz W

I've been in the conservatory with the plants   Had to come back in living room though as I can't see the laptop screen as it's too bright out there



Gary - Seasonal Affective Disorder is lack of sunshine.  Many people suffer from this.

Flowering Rose.  My sympathies.  I cannot stand being cold as it makes me miserable.  Why only 6 coats when you are wearing 10 hats?  Hope they are co-ordinated.

Swiss Sue I wonder where I can buy bigger radiators?

Caz W

Aaw Sue - that looks like one totally relaxed cat


Love the cat, sooo warm.

Although heating is on if walk from room to room the cold seems to permeate, and thta'sin a Ch, DGm well insulated house

The potty gardener

Would just love to be where the cat is.

Son left kitchen window(which I can't reach unless I climb up on kitchen worktop) wide open. Freezing wind  blowing right through house.


Tina, why bigger radiator, have you got a cat fat too?