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Look forward to seeing whst happens! 


Very interesting Mike - something to get your teeth into (I don't mean the snails and slugs).  Is he going to get in touch with you soon.


The whole world could have a profile on Mike by now, we know his name, address email, daughters maiden name, area she lives in grandchildrens names, previous jobs, and now contacted from someone abroad who wants to speak to him, so theres his phone number, not a good idea, rogues build up these profile and its not for friendly reasons.


..last night there was an advertisement at the top of the forum page, telling me that I had a 'personal message'... and to click on it... it has disappeared today... these things are not to be trusted.. I do wonder if sites like this can be hacked into quite easily....


I've had some of these Flashing - You Have Mail Pop Up messages.  They're nothing but adverts - I ignore them. 



Mike - can I suggest that you contact the Editor of the journal and check out the credentials of the person who's contacted you.   The journal will have a website with contact details. 

There have been instances in the past of forum members being contacted by people who have unpleasant intentions. 

Victoria Sponge

It's clever but quite freaky how 'they' get hold of your info. I've been applying for jobs lately and have started getting emails addressed to me from barely literate 'businesses' offering me amazing jobs (which they don't specify).

Hopefully Mikes is genuine though.

Orchid Lady

Mike, didn't you post somewhere the other day that you were contacted by someone else too?  It seems a bit strange, 2 people contacting you in such a short space of time.  Please be careful.

I found your other comment....

"I had an email today from Rebecca. The lady in charge of the BBC 2 program. It seems I had posted somewhere, that I was a Lily enthusiast and was adding to my collection."

Please just make sure these people are who they say they are and as Dove says check them out fully.

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