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Hi all i do have question about Blueberries, at the moment were penned in today our roads closed,due to the Iron Man run,started at 7am, 2.4 mile sea swim,112 miles bike ride, and a full marathon,26.2 miles only done once a year as it takes a year to recover and its chucking it down, SO i thought as i passed on mi bike id just drop in and ask ,has anyone grown any Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum), one is called Giant (Bluejay Goldtraube,Jersey) and one is Super, Patriot,if there more i don't know, i've not grown any at all but am told they are very Antioxidant fruit so were going for it, has anyone grown any and are they sweet enough off the tree or just for jam, Right whos nicked mi bike i waslooking forward to that 112 mile NOT ,,maybe next year then OK manyofem Alan 4711

You'll have to do an Iron Man run when you move to Norfolk - fewer hills 

Hi Dove iv decided to give it a miss now, im going to be a green garden man and i dont mean the jolly G giant man AND its still chucking it down wheres my blueberry advice folkes .

Hi Alan, it's raining where you are and where I am, but everyone else has good sun so they are working ... I find that blueberries fresh from the bush are sweet and refreshing whereas shop-bought berries are very disappointing.

I would say, from experience, that a fresh blueberry is as good as a fresh bilberry.


There's me thinking 'Iron Man' as in Robert Downey Jnr......



Alan I would save your money and buy blackcurrant bushes.  Far, far more productive, easier, better tasting and just as health-giving. You don't have to worry about providing acid soil and the pruning is easier.

There are 90 Pembrokeshire contestants in Iron Man this year.

Hiya Alan,  I grow 4 varieties of blueberries incl those you mentioned.  All confused now as labels have disappeared.

I love them. If you have acid soil you can grow them quite easily.  My soil is neutral so mine are grown in large pots of acid compost.  They are juicy and sweet and I eat them raw as they come off the bush.  A little shade too and keep moisture levels up. I've had good crops this and last summer.....still some to pick.  Its best to have at least 2 different varieties.  Go for it Alan.

Hi all well the iron men were still going past our place at 11:30 pm last nite ( finished 12 pm, support was tremendous,Total entry 1675 from 40 different countries, now we can escape from our house but all the car boots have finished and now the grounds soaked through, Great info on Blueberries were getting 2 for starters ,were finding all this planning for new venture new allotment and fruit trees in the garden aint that posh fer yer, Hi Welsh sorry i cant do black currents fruit or jam i find it tarty and iv tried loads but many thanks on that one . So all i need to know now is Apricot and one other tree which im looking for advice on so im going to post now CHEERS everybody good info AGAIN

awww I thought this was dscussion about Robert Downy Jr. also lol

Stacey Docherty

Alan I too thought you were talking about Robert Downey clad in metal... i was given a blueberry bush 2 years ago and this year it has been ladened beyond belief. Its planted in a large pot of ericaceous compost and adored!! The leaves in the autumn turn all the gold yellows and reds you imagine New England to be like!! My fruit was so tasty this year my 2.5 year old cleared a quarter of a bush in about 25 mins!!! Go for it they will reward you with colour and food.... Yum yum


Alan I got given three different plants (birgitta, earliblue and bluecrop) by my inlaws and they started off in pots of ericaceous on the back step but for the last 2 years they have been in a raised ericaceous bed. We've had alot of berries this year, quite tasty. The shop bought ones tend to be tasteless.


Coincidentally I just ordered an Iron Man costume for my 4 year old

Don't need an iron man my pyjamas


...and your knickers on the outside?


Hey, how did you know that?  I was supposed to be anno,anonem, disguise!  

Stacey Docherty

Verd do you wear your knickers outside your pyjamas?

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