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I get the impression that quite a few people appear once to ask a question then go away and are never seen again.

I've no problem with that, Flo. Many people aren't as addicted as you and me.



Yes, they probably go away and get on with their gardens ;- )

I wish I knew the answer Gary, chocolate orange sounds yummy !!
Miss Becks

I actually only joined/registered a couple of days ago purely because you folks seem polite and courteous to everyone, whether they're a newbie to gardening (like myself) or the peeps who know what they are doing. I visit a few forums on a few sites when I google a question, and they pop up in the search results, but many of the others seem full of sarcastic souls, who make you feel small for not knowing what might seem obvious to them. I love this site, and glad I joined. You all have valuable information that a newbie like me needs to learn. So a big thankyou to all of you! xx


FloBear wrote (see)

Frank, if you held a door open for me I'd beam and say thank you. But then I'm an 'older one'. If I got to the door first, I'd hold it for you, though.

FloBear, now I know if a Lady holds a door for me it is you, we could talk about the garden.
Trouble is we get so used to doors opening for us I walked into one the other day expecting it to open, luckily my nose acts as a bumper.



The doors of the future-no-one has to hold them open



click on you name at the top of the page, options are listed, choose your posts two clicks only all my posts are listed not just the last ten

little-ann wrote (see)

click on you name at the top of the page, options are listed, choose your posts two clicks only all my posts are listed not just the last ten

Doesn't work for me-still only get the last ten


sorry about that because it said messages from 1 to 23 i assumed they were all listed but hadnt tried to go past the ten,


It is back to the pagination issue-that we are waiting for a fix on


What we need is one that shows your posts (not just the last 10 preferably!) & (the important bit) - how many replies if any it's had since.

So you can click on it & the thread appears with all the new repiles, but you know not to bother if there haven't been any since.

That's how it worked on the Beeb gardening forum anyway & I used the feature all the time. 

The emails partly solve this, but not as quickly or neatly.

I think a thank you never goes amiss, neither does holding a door open for anyone. 

Miss Becks

Ooh David! That's great! I have a 'neighbour' on the forums!


Hi Insomnia.  You said some nice things and I agree with you.  I doubt there's a person anywhere who knows everything about something, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who know a little about a lot of things and then some who know quite a lot about a few things. 

Then, there are some who are just plain bonkers - like me.....


Ah- but there are those who think they know about everything....................



Dont get me started on the lack of consideration to others nowadays!

I'll always hold a door for someone if they are close behind me, whatever their age/sex. Good manners cost nothing.

Lots of knowledge on these boards, freely given & yes very annoying when no further response from the OP, but that's some people for you....

Little-Ann, glad to 'hear' from you. J.

Miss Becks

Ooh David! Sweet peas. Hadn't thought of doing them. Nice!

and Robot and sotongeoff, I agree, especially those who 'think' they know everything. But I do believe no matter how much you know, little or a lot, there is a certain way of sharing that knowledge, which you guys do to perfection. Precise, informative and clear. Without belittling people and sarcasm. Love it!