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Miss Becks

sotongeoff, it has been my username on many sites for a few years now. Since my 3 year old came along, my sleep patterns are not what they were, in fact, sleep is very minimal. When the sun goes down, I'm in my element! I'm a nightowl through and through! I will check out that thread later. It looks a big one! I love innocent ramblings!

I will also check out your thread David! We have mainly planted edibles this year as a 'practice' run, but my front garden is a blank canvas which I have to play with! It is totally grass, which I am planning to redesign. So planning now for next year is ideal!

Thankyou both. xx

David K

Wake-up, Insomnia!  

I'm not sure where to post (Geoff will know) to give you ideas (can't be this one) of edibles that are fairly easy to grow (I always think failures are a bummer for newbies).

Unless you already have, I would like you try Swiss chard - The variety 'Bright lights' would be my recommendation.


hello jo i think you must have been ill reading some of the threads any way nice to 'see' you


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