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I was reading a discussion yesterday when the subject of a thank-you for the advice that is give free on here by fellow gardeners and how it is a bit annoying

I don't often contribute but do read a lot and think that is useful-did it work-not only do I not know but the person who asks doesn't even say thank you-not in all cases I admit but it seems in quite a lot

So come on question askers at least say thanks-nobody gets paid for answering questions they give it free based on whay they know-it would annoy me as well but I don't think I know enough.

Sorry if this upsets anyone-just my opinion-I feel quite brave for bringing this up.

Gary Hobson

Er, well, thank you for making that point.


I doubt you would upset anyone, Lazy Gardener.  Your opinion is just as important as anyone else's.  Personally I don't mind not having a thank you - and I hope I say thank you to anyone to gives me advice - but what irritates me is when someone asks a question and myself and many more reply, then there's no further imput from the questioner and the thread just fizzles out.  It has happened in threads I have contributed to and to others which I've just read.  I often wonder why that happens. 

Another gripe is that I don't seem to get emails to notify me when a thread has been replied to.  It says in the blurb that you don't get notification emails unless you log into the forum.  But, sometimes - in fact daily - I come to the forum without logging in just to read what's what.  I only log in when I want to ask a question or respond to one.  It means that sometimes I miss someones comment - as I have noticed this morning - and then that makes me feel bad at not keeping up with the conversation.

I know we all don't like receiving shed loads of emails every day, but perhaps the system could be tweaked so that we get notification emails for ALL the threads we participate in.  Eventually the older ones cease naturally so that would reflect on the number of emails we get.  Who knows?  Not me, that's for sure.....


The amount of emails generated does get ridiculous, there should be an easier way to find out if anyone has replied to your comment or advice.  It was one thing the old site did well, kept a list of your discussions and then you could check that.  Any interest in that idea GW? 


I'd like that too.  Get enough emails a day without adding any from here and I do like to follow threads to which I've contributed.

A thank you is also nice, if only to show someone's actually read your attempt to give advice or help or support.



Gary Hobson
Bookertoo wrote (see)

... the old site kept a list of your discussions and then you could check that...

The 'Your Posts' feature is supposed to list the posts you've made, and from that you can read the discussions. But there seems to be a bug in that feature, so it only lists your 10 most recents posts. I think someone has reported it.


Lots of people have reported the error, Gary, and admin had promised to look into it - LAST WEEK ! 

Someone - and apologies for forgetting who - told us the way to see all posts you have contributed to by doing the following. 

Log in and go to your Welcome page and scroll down to Forum Settings.  Scroll down to Forum Notifications and you will see a list of the topics you have contributed to. 

Hollie-Hock also suggested a scrapbook - an excellent idea - and I shared what I do to keep track of topics I've participated in - here...



There is an option on the first notification e-mail when someone has replied to your posting to opt out of further e-mails on that subject-also there is a box you can untick when sending a message that stops the e-mails also

In you forum settings is a list of discussions you have contributed to -you can remove the ones you are no longer interested in.

On the subject of poster feedback-personally I do like a thankyou-makes me feel good and I also find it frustrating when the question-answer never returns- that to be honest I find quite rude or perhaps I am over-sensitive


Hi Gary and Robot.  I found the My Posts option but it involves a lot of clicking about.  I'd like to see My Posts as a heading on the main banner just to speed things up a bit and make it simpler..


Obelixx-as I said above it is not the "my posts" option if you go to my settings there is a list of  your discussion under "forum notifications"- these move about in order of the most recent contribution-I find it quite useful

If you do not have expectations of a thank you then it is a nice feeling when one happens. It seems to be an age thing, us older ones say it as an automatic reply the younger ones often think it is not needed. I still automatically hold a door open for a lady and have been told more than once "I can hold my own b##### doors" you shrug and still do it.
Most answers on here do get a thank you, often quite effusive which shows people do need the advice given even if we at times get it wrong, at least it points them in the right direction. Thanks or no thanks I would still answer the questions.



Frank, if you held a door open for me I'd beam and say thank you. But then I'm an 'older one'. If I got to the door first, I'd hold it for you, though.

Gary Hobson

My 'forum notifications' are actually empty, possibly because I opt not to receive E-mails from any threads I post to in the first place??? [But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the discussion.]

There is a Terry's orange chocolate ball for the first person to explain clearly how to do this.

Gary Hobson wrote (see)

My 'forum notifications' are actually empty, possibly because I opt not to receive E-mails from any threads I post to???

I guess so-nothing's perfect-if I look at in another way we are not being asked to fund this forum,you are not bombared with ads and there seems to be more of a relaxed atmosphere than the BBC one.

I can live with a few e-mails that I mostly instantly delete.

Gary Hobson

Yes, we can live with the little idyosycnracies.

Something that I have found useful on a couple of occasions is Google. You can easily find all the posts with your name in them by Googling for: your-forum-name

And if you want to find a specific post just add some more qualification.



thanks everyone on here for the info on how to opt out of emails.. get overloaded.. and thnks for the info as to why i cant find older posts i have replied on again wihtot going through page and page.


I don't actually get annoyed when someone asks a question and doesn't bother to return to the forum to at least say thank you.  But it would be nice to have some feedback from the questioner as to what they thought of the advice given and if it was helpful to them.


Quite.  Pointless getting irritated but good to have feedback, particiularly when a poster has taken the trouble to give a detailed reply.