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Bunny ...
Awww we have a lot here , you smell it driving along the back roads...mmmmm

Thanks Clogherhead.  Think it will be the only sunshine we'll see until after the weekend.  Sigh.


Mummy Muddy Paws, its not a problem only wish I could have transmitted the warmth as well .


derrick hammer

well we all know it's cheltenham races next week  and in my area it's means frost and snow   as  for most areas as in past years . On the bright side gardeners world is back on friday (o to be in england in spring). Will we get back in the garden again and start planting up  the seed for summer as i do not have a greenhouse. The weather now here is  rain and mist ,temt is saying 42f but it feel like 35 f. Can i have a few warn days so i can get out in my small garden please 

Highland Jeannie

About 6c & dry here today, on 1 occasion the sun nearly tried to peep out . Quite a cold wind, but out there for a couple of hours well wrapped up so ok.


Dog's just come in from the garden, with a thin covering of Snow.  So it's started in Sheffield, just hope it doesn't settle.  Ground still clear, but it's settling on the car.

Was out today at a small child's birthday party, weather got progressively colder and wetter (was at the butterfly house, which is less a butterfly house and more a petting zoo / bird house), most of it was outdoors.  I left my gloves at home,and by the time I got back to the car, my hands were frozen!

I won't be putting my woolies away or do any serious sowinng until April arrives.

Cast ne'er a clout till may be out (don't take your vest off until the may blossom is out!)

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