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Gardening Grandma

I'm just off to put in some tete a tete daffs bought in the green from Aldi this morning. 4 pots for £2.99. Got 12 pots plus 4 other pots for £11.96. Great for filling gaps and I've got plenty of those at this time of year. Verdun, you have inspired me to plant more Hellebores, too, but will shell out full prices for decent ones.

Gardening grandma, yes buy best varieties you can...for me that means online. Generally, in garden centres the best ones go fast. Only thing though.....if you don't mind me preaching's worthwhile giving hellebores the right situation and making sure the soil site has plenty of humus, nutrients and space. For my latest hellebore I knew exactly where it was going and, even though,the soil there is very good, I still added compost and fish blood n bone and then mulched with dried manure. It means next spring it will be as good as it can be.
It was soooo sunny here I the Middle of the Land today hurrah!
My crocuses (croci, crocususes?) are out and blooming already!! Could someone please tell them that I've not done my tidying up yet and the need to go to sleep until after the weekend? Please. Thank you.
Bunny ...
The peat works are very busy ...wagons in ..wagons out ...

I have daffs coming up in wrong place, I wonder can I move them now or need to wait ? Anyone know ...

Hi Bunny

Shift them with their soil and they won't notice.

I had lunch in the garden today. It's very nearly spring


Bunny ...
Excellent thanks

I had a cornetto sat in sun

Wait till they have flowered and  the leaves are dying back-so no -not really now.

Caz W

Dear Mr Fish, Southampton,

Is it nearly Spring yet?

I.C. Weather, Welsh Wales

Bunny ...
Itl be ages Geoff

Yeyyyyy spring ...whooooop

Not  yet- this high pressure needs to move and it is sticking

l promise soon

Bunny ...
Tomorrow mr fish ????

Soonish -will talk to the weather gods

Bunny ...
***sigh*** we are forecast double figures with snow tomorrow ??????? How ????


Bunny ...
Hehe I wait and see what it's like
Bunny ...
So I moving these inch high things (tete ones I think, not sure)

But it wasn't like spring at all here until about 4 when the sun came, then it was still soo cold

Bunny ...
***whispers*** rosa..rosa... I shall come and collect you tomorrow and bring you to sunny ville uppppp noooorrrrth (once snow has gone)