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Nor is winter over-after a nice few days it is set to get bitterly cold and increasingly cloudy during the week with biting easterly winds and some hard night frosts-the good thing is-these will be drying winds with little rain etc-but throw in the chill factor-------- it is not time to get out the shorts yet

Sorry to be all gloomy doomy


Absolutely.  Woke up to a sparkling white world.  Brilliant sunshine here at last after days of grey and mist but at the price of a heavy frost over night. 

Allotment Girl

Lets hope for some dry sunny days like today to warm the soil up and take some of the moisture out of it.  I went to my allotment yesterday and was almost ankle deep in the soil, it was that wet  I think I am going to go for the raised bed option this year as at least these seem to drain better.  Can't wait to start planting out my seeds.

Yep. I think very cold weather is lined up for us. Sunny today but strong cold wind. minus temps at end of week?? Brrrrrrrr

Jolly chilly this morning .... Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Highland Jeannie

-3c in the shed at 9am, +3c outside not long ago.

I'm just desperate to get out & do something!! 

Well, we did put up a trellis for the honeysuckle yesterday.

Byee, I'm off out to pull a weed or something......

Totally agree.  Having to sit on my hands to stop me opening seed packets, but I'd sooner wait and have everything play catch-up, than to plant out and loose the lot overnight due to a hard frost.  I won't be putting my winter woolies away this year till the end of April, as I think we're still due some snow.  There are still some berries left on the lower branches of the big rowan at the end of the garden, the blackbirds and fieldfares have eaten most of the berries from the top of the tree.

I HATE snow, it's bloody hard work shoving a pushchair through the stuff.  Have asked hubby to work on some snow chains/wheels for the damn thing!

Miss Becks

Mummy! Know exactly where you're coming from there!

It's lovely & sunny here! Cold in the shade but once in the sun it's 7c no rain either have planted some spring bulbs in the front of my garden where the soil in a lot more free draining. Raked up the leaves on the front grass & generally tided up the front garden including de weeding.
The back garden is a different story, it's boggy, with clay soil so nearly Impossible to do anything. So I suppose I'll have to wait until its a lot more dryer before I attempt to put anything in the raised beds.
Oo and I have also sowed my first lot of sweet pea's (I know I should have waited but will see how they get on) the seeds were only from the pound shop so not expecting too much
Enjoy your day what ever your doing
Jean Genie

I wish it would hurry up.  Looking at a baldy new border that was dug yesterday. All thats in in is a few miserable primroses and a few bulbs. However there's some johnsons blue gerananiums lurking underneath - just starting to get going.

I have had some good deals from £ shop , GG !3 . Got a hibiscus and potted up a pack of 2 pink geraniums which have just come into leaf, I've also had several bulbs and packs of plants from there. One of my best bargains was lily of the valley  It took a while to get going but its grown into a nice clump now.

You may be pleasantly surprised when your sweet peas are up

Well I still have hope for my sweet peas yet then thanks for that jean just made my day feel a bit more positive knowing it hasn't been a waste of time buying the sweet peas from pound shop.
May also try some of their bulbs & plants. after all if some take then great I have got some plants for a ?? but if not then its not too disheartening!
Jean Genie

Must admit I did wonder about the qualiity of them but no failures as of yet. ?

I potted the hibiscus a week ago and its just a twiggy thing at the moment but I can see buds beginning to swell

The only problem being sometimes they don't name the plants - the picture on the wrapper is blue so no idea really.  Same with the geraniums - pack just says 2 pink geraniums. Just hoping I can identify them when they come into flower and that I haven't acquired a thug.


Its very tricky to judge, Whilst were still having some cold nights, I was out and about today and GW says its 8c in my area, but my thermomiter said it was touching 16c I thought it must be wrong but low and behold, I was out, ended up taking off my jacket (leaving me in a tshirt) & I have come back in this evening and feeling quite sore I realised I have got a sunburn. 


lt is snowing in Emmerdale


hollie hock

Beautiful Spring like day here, yes it's only February but for me as the snowdrops are out and the crocus are starting to flower and I've seen the first daffs out. A couple of different types of Clemantis are starting to bud up....... Spring is definately on the way.



Bunny ...
Doom monger you !!!!!!!!!

Felt fabulous in the sun , hard frost and below zero again tonight BUT we are closer to spring than we are to winter starting
Bunny ...
Mummy paws & becks ... Skis to clip on them you need

I know Geoff, I know.... still to sow any seeds. I did prune my lacecap Hydrangea today- ok tempting fate, but otherwise I'll demolish all the emerging bulbs/herbaceous around it if I left it much longer. BTW havent pruned it hard, so can still do some remedial pruning if needs be later on, but then the demolision..... J.

hollie hock

Have to say I don't agree that it's too early to start sowing some seeds. There are many that can be started off indoors at this time of year. Others I give them a go and if they don't do well I'll do a later a sowing as well.