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I've just bought a sack of this from a garden centre. I have not seen this brand in previous years, so I wasn't sure what it would be like. But after some of the disastrous mixtures in recent years I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. It's fine and black and soft, without all those bits of bark, straw and wood that have made up some of the useless stuff I've bought in the past. The proof will be in the growing of course. Have any of you used it before or is it new this year?


Brilliant Compost, only downside is that it contains 90% peat.

I don't know where the peat is sourced from though.

Always use it. In Feb at Scotsdales  5 bags £10 


Surely that's not the 60 litre bags? It usually retails at £8 per 60 litre bag round here, and the cheapest I've seen it is £5...


It is fantastic compost though, with no bits of hay, trees and other random materials mixed through it.


I get two 60L bags at work for £12. £9.60 with my staff discount, so its pretty decent value.


40 litre bags

Andy V

2 x 60l for a fiver locally...last time I went however a local farmer beat me to it and shifted all 60 bags!



Oh I didn't read what it was made up of. I just saw a bit that had fallen out of a split bag at the GC and thought 'that looks good to me'. There's been so much rubbish in previous years, that I thought I'd grab something that looked workable.

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