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Doghouse Riley

I've probably mentioned the Sant Andreau Jazz Band before.

It's a music school for young Catalonians from the ages of seven to twenty-one.

The standard is exceptional.

This is one of their stars, Andrea Motis who is about 21 this year. She plays trumpet, alto and soprano sax to a professional standard. She has an exceptional vocal range and has no business being this good looking.

This is her latest recording.

Here's one who's "up-and coming," Alba Armengou who also plays trumpet and alto sax and is fourteen.

The other girls  singing are Andrea Motis, who I've mentioned,  Elia Bastida, violin/tenor sax and fifteen year old  Rita Payes, trombone.

It's a fact that reed and brass instrument players, if they can also sing are able to hold "long tones" without going out of tune or the notes, cracking.As demonstrated here. Their musical knowledge helps them to harmonise with each other.

The other girls all take turns singing lead vocals, they are that good. They have few problems singing in English either.

You can see they all love the life. They have a huge repertoire of jazz standards.

Here's Alba at the age of ten on trumpet soloing with the whole orchestra at a concert. totally fearless.

The band play at concerts, mostly in Spain but in other European countries and as here in small clubs in and around Barcelona as well as open air concerts in the city squares. They are occasionally augmented by adult  soloists and rhythm musicians

You don't have to like jazz to appreciate the quality.

There's a huge selection of their performances on YouTube

Beats the rubbish we often get on "The Voice" doesn't it?

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Doghouse Riley

Here's a few of my favourite recordings of there's.

Andrea Motis at 17.. Her trumpet style reminds me of Chet Baker.

This is hard to sing. What a vocal range.

Alto solo at 18 with the full orchestra.

Eva Fernandez, about the same age as Andrea, on  a lot of their videos. now branching out with her own group. Vocals and "any saxophone you like!"

Same tune with an alto solo.

Motis, Fernandez, Magali Datzira, (vocals and double Bass), fifteen year old Rita Payes.

Some great scat singing.

Rita Payes at fourteen, vocals and trombone. Andrea on backing vocals and trumpet

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