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Has anyone heard from jo47 since New Year's Eve?

Very wet there I think........hope Jo47 is still above water


I hope Jo47 is ok.  Sending lots of positive vibes to see her back here very soon I hope.  


She hasn't posted since she was cross about Edd's photo of naked men.

She said "So that makes it okay then - 'the photos were just men' ......... this is a public forum where I don't expect to be faced with public nudity. I have asked for my details to be removed ........ I don't find it acceptable ........ "

I was the one who said the photos were just men, so hope it's not my fault if she's gone.

Hey Jo47, I do hope you haven't suffered too much with the rain today. I hope you are still looking in, even if you aren't posting at the moment.

I had a recent misunderstanding on here, my fault in the main as I thought I was accused of being a troll (which I certainly am not lol) and was over sensitive to the post...All happily resolved.

Whilst I appreciate that naked men really don't have a place on the forum and have now been removed, I don't think Edd's motives were malicious in any way.... probably a few too many on a New Year's Eve ..

We are in a New Year, please come back and post again.

Take care. x


flowers in the rain

I'll second what mollis has said above...................please come back and post......we all miss you Jo is too short !


Me too.

I need all my friends around me.

flowers in the rain

Hear hear pdoc, come on now everyone  let's have a big group hug xx


Jo47 is still here.  Posted on the 2nd on the help for newbie thread. 

Hazel -1

Obelixx- was that the same Jo though? That post from JO4 eyes.

Indo hope Jo47 returns but feel she was very upset and might have had enough.


Jo47 has been upset several times,  maybe too much this time

jo4eyes is someone else, she's been around a long time though doesn't post very often


Haven't since Wintersong since Jo 47 left. Wintersong is a longstanding member, I'll miss her if she goes. I sent her a PM but no reply.

Hazel -1

It will be such a shame to lose these two lovely posters but kinda understand the reasons behind the event.



I'm sure I would notice David. But you don't post much on the Forkers chat thread and I think it's more noticed on that thread when people leave. I'm sure everyone posting on the camera or Sweet Pea threads would notice if you left.

plant pauper

" 'I'm leaving', 'please don't go' scenarios have always been a prominent feature......The cynic in me tells me that it's when an individual is in need of an ego massage.  . "


I'm not Aries and I agree wholeheartedly.

Onwards marches the army of the perpetually offended!!!! Personally I can't be bothered.