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Has anyone ordered j parkers and if so have received them yet.

I have sent them an email and had no reply.

I said was not going to order anything off them this year but the offer for these were very good.

I received my free gift two weeks ago and still no plants.

I must admit i had a load of Perenials come a couple of weeks ago from J parkers and they were in ace condition and i've since had my 132 bedding plant collection and for the most part they seem OK too. 


Just to pass on a good report for J Parkers (who I have seen criticism of on here before).  I ordered a winter honeysuckle from them in February.  By early this month it was obvious it was not going to burst into bud - and was a dead stick.  I wrote and told them, sent a photo, and have just had an email to say a replacement is on its way.  So well done to them, and credit where credit's due


I hope it arrives this year Chicky, I wasn't that lucky.Fingers crossed for you


Ordered some plants via a newspaper offer on 2 April.  They arrived in good condition on Wednesday 16 April.  

Despite forebodings, everything is fine.

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