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Well we are in july and summer is not here yet.. my day lillies have had buds on for 3 weeks now and not flowered.. fear they will die as buds..

yesterday was windy again and flattened my cupids darts.. and we have rain here all day and the same is forecast again tomorrow.

will it ever ease up


i honestly think we are not going to see the sun again.. the garden and plants and veg as well as seeds have all suffered this year.. not good.

Gardeners are the original optimists, over the years I have seen June and July just as bad with maybe a little less rain but still cold. Then late August and September it has all changed, things pick up and we wonder what it is was all about.
Last year my tomato's etc came early and were gone, other years I have been eating my own well into October, this could be one of those years.
Nature compensates, we will get a harvest as we always do, when is the question, and next year we will be out as soon as the New Year is over doing it all again with the highest of hopes.
That is gardening and always has been, we live with it and take what nature gives us, every year is good in some way, the timing is a bit out is all, gardeners take it as it comes.



It's been a cold wet spring here on the west coast of Canada,too--and added to that, a plague of tent caterpillars.That said, the salad greens are burgeoning, the foxgloves are superb, and hope springs eternal. The sun came out here for Canada Day yesterday, but now we are back to showers. The end of the week looks good, though.



thnaks garry.. didnt know how to remove this one..


July in the garden - what can I say, its wet 


July in my garden is very green and lush at the moment..It is my 1st year growing veg and so far iam very pleased.  My potatoes are doing well as is my courgette plant (had 1st one for dinner the other day) peas doing great too had some for dinner other day too, peppers are producing, cabbages growing well.. have tomatoes (green) on plants , the slugs have eaten alotof my runner bean leaves but they are still growing up the nets, beetroot great and carrot, leek and parsnip seedlings growing well. sprouting broc also growing well....

I live in North Wales
















 Some more pictures of my garden, and greenhouse.


Lovely photos, Tazman, your clematis are impressive, and I particularly like the cannas.

We are having a little heat wave at the moment, and I was deligted today to see the first blooms on my iris ensata.[sp?] I had forgotten what they were supposed to look like!


Very Nice Pic's of your iris ensata.That is the first time that i have Sean, iris ensata.      You said you are having a heat wave, we could do with some of that.The plants are not canna. The are Abyssinian bananas, the canna are the bottom right of the Photo.

  Good Luck And Happy Gardening.



Thanks, Tazman. The cannas in the photo look very much like mine; they are called African Sunset, and I've had them for years. They are well worth the trouble of overwintering. Each year I divide them and give some away.


Last evening I had a visitor


And the project is coming along. I am leaving the vertical garden as is for a couple of days before adding another layer.


OOPs--forgot the photo. Here it is--


Pennine Petal
Love that owl. Snails eating my clematis flowers, they are like mountaineers around here, climbed all the way through the white hydrangea to get to them.



inkadog.. lovely pictures and the garden is looking supberb.. coming on very well.. you should be very pleased with yourself.. all taht hard work is starting to pay off.


Still a ways to go--there is no soil to speak of in those beds-have to dig out rocks and gravel.Eventually there will be strawberries, but I probably won't be planting until the fall rains. Here is a better photo of the vertical garden in the pallet.I'm leaving it to settle before continuing up.


Must admit am getting very despondent with the lack of decent weather. The slugs have had a field day on the veg, but at least one courgette and some peas have started cropping. Climbing beans are pathetic as are the sweet peas. But the herbaceous stuff and the roses have been wonderful, the philadelphus has flowered magnificently as well, so I cut a few branches and popped them in a vase so I could enjoy them without getting drenched. Tomatoes are limping along, haven't planted any outside as it seems like prime blight weather. Managed to net the strawberries, maybe the slugs and blackbirds will leave me a few..

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