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Well,July looks as tho its going to be as wet as June was ! I dont think it has stopped raining here today. So grey and dismal will we ever see the sun again ??

Summer is due to arrive here the day after tomorrow. Pehaps then my strawbwerris will ripen.


Wish it would arrive here


Just bumping up this thread - just because it's June again.

Steve 309

...and a lot sunnier than the one referred to above!





A little bit of my garden this June



Victoria Sponge

I know this thread is from 2012 but it got me thinking about last June which was the first summer I had in my current garden and the first full year I started gardening.

I found this photo taken June 13 which was really of my newly rescued chickens and run but to compare I went out to take another from the same perspective.

 June 13

 June 14

In addition to it being sunnier, I also managed to get the same two chickens in the pic, Poppy and Colonel Pooptash, both looking much healthier

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