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Oh yes, it does.   Your cat looks very happy!



@Berghill.. they are gorgeous photos.. your have a lovely large acreage of lang there.. i wouldnt mind that much..kep tellong hubby we need to move you have some lovely plants.. and the cat is so cute also.

we had heavy rain last ight.. so butts are now full so happy about that. spent yesterday planting out summer bedding ready for the rain.. got sunburn again.. cant believe it.

today i will inside sowing some seeds ready for next too windy and cold outside..


@powwow, love the ladder idea!


Thank you. Here's what the one ladder looked like last July.


that's CLEVER! gets me thinking....


Powwow, love that ladder planting! Thanks for sharing your garden pics--it looks wonderful.

Glad to hear you got some needed rain--I could use some sun.

My ceanothus has finally bloomed, along with the odd iris--the bluebell and autumn crocus foliage has been composted, and now there is room for the geraniums. I have a bright magenta collection that I have propogated and saved for about 15 years-I was looking at some old photos the other day, and there they were!


Thank you, Koala, for fixing up the link to Berghill's garden--it is absolutely spectacular. I am particularly fond of the rock work--such a variety of form and texture! And the plantings--!!!!!!!!

Obviously a labour of love.

inkdog the blue flower was a closeuip of a gertrude jekyll heritage delphinium.

othello-what a wonderful rose in description and picture but our relationship has been fraught. each year his freaks and follies are different. several years ago he was obdurate about not growing all summer. then he threw up a solitary cane which by the end of september was 12 feet tall with a single rose at the tip-a very pretty rose and it made everyone laugh who came into the garden, but still. this spring he seemed to have died over winter and my heart  rejoiced but when i arrived with the spade there was the most beautiful scarlet foliage. so, being a pusillanimous equivicator...... and my reward? a forest of six foot canes each witrh a single flower at the tip and for the first time ever-mildew. that's it. it's over. we are through, finished, done- he is out of here.

otherwise what a wonderful year. perhaps the best ever. the garden is a marvel, each morning and evening a fresh astonishment. i hope that all of you are having the same kind of joy but now i am getting that shovel and commiting rose-icide.


@david spikes, chuckles at the personality of plants!

hollie hock

Berghill, what a  gorgeous garden you have. Was I right in thinking that there was a mauve sweet rocket growing in a woodland area? I've sown sweet rocket seeds this year ( have loads) and a couple of mature beech trees in the garden.



Have planted up more wall baskets and netted the fruit bushes

The first lily has flowered

 and this lupin moved moved earlier in the year and is the result of splitting roots and replanting-am very pleased with and no blessed white-fly!!



@Geoff, I have an identical lily called Vesuvius, if by chance it is also your variety and your Lupins are stunning! Such a pretty pink! I still don't have Lupins in my garden even though they were in the bargain bin at GC, I couldn't decide a colour but yours are perfect!


@Geoff, P.S. Perfect focus


WS-don't know the name of the lily-the lupin was one I bought a few years back from someone selling plants in their garden-it was going for the chop last year because of the white-fly-must have heard me and decided to behave in its new spot.

Have had a sausage sandwich on the back of your praise on photo.



Geoff, love the lupins---I have pink ones flowering also, but the ones I grew from seed will probably not flower this year--so no purple ones, alas. How big were yours when you split them?


Inkadog-about 2 ft X 2 ft-I dug it up-pulled it to pieces and just planted the roots around March this year-that is the result


Geoff, mine are only in their second year-with 3 large blooms, so I guess it will be a while before they need splitting.

David Spikes, that delphinium flower is an astoundingly intense colour. Mine haven't bloomed yet; here everything is waiting for warmth. But the bumper crop of foxgloves is beginning. Should be quite a show.


Well I never...plants never fail to surprise me!

After picking up 4 X 50p boxed bargains from the GC back in...March, I have nurtured the Rudbeckia and Astrantia into leaf and both are doing well and whilst the Anemone pushed up some tiny shoots in the early days, it has yet to sustain life, and neither did my single-bud baby hosta show even the remotest interest in life outside the box.

I relegated both drab specimens to the no more watering section of my windowsill except, shockingly, after all this time, the hosta is breaking bud! How amazing plants are? And how impatient I am?

So, 3 out of 4 @50p bargains are alive! How remarkable.