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Wintersong, is that a Bear's Britches in the second photo from the other day? And if so, do they need a lot of sun? I have two--one is variegated- but I suspect they are in the wrong spot-both are shaded for the most part.


@Inkadog, yes, Acanthus Mollis although I think they should rename Acanthus Herculean. I have two and am presently propagating a third.

Some good things about this plant are: they are tough as old boots that will grow in shade or sun, with more architectural worth than a Gothic graveyard, but in my small knowledge a word of warning to avoid the hottest part of the day as they flop or wilt in intense heat regardless of soil moisture. Both mine unfortunately suffer this syndrome due to ignorance on my part, although it does the plant no actual harm. They recover just as soon as the sun moves on. If you can get early or late sun with midday shade, I think the plant will take over the world.

They are extremely invasive both by seeds and roots, popping up babies a plenty that grow extremely fast with long tap roots, so location should be wisely chosen. (dead heading will help)

They will live for decades and are difficult to get rid of if you know what I mean , my original plant is certainly @ten years and recovering nicely from its weak spring growth, I suspect it was a tad hungry. 

They are semi evergreen in that they can take a bit of a bash from bad weather and light frosts, but the snow will flatten them, although there is something cathartic about watching the beast rise again.


Thanks, Wintersong-I think I will move one of them--it has never bloomed. The variegated one was kind of pricey--but it seems to be doing okay in its present spot. It has lovely green and white foliage which looks good even when not in bloom. Gets early morning and late afternoon sun.

Deanos Diggin It

@WS- Nobody gets bored looking at other peoples gardens!!

@KG- Thanks for tweaking Berghills post so we can all enjoy it!!

@Berghill- Beautiful Garden!! Absolout Labour of love as somebody mentioned earlier!



Rob Stevens

Wow, some beautiful stuff going on! The best thing in our garden at the moment is definately the Anemones and the Aquilegias (pictures here). Spenta lovely day out there yesterday just lounging around in the sun with the boy. Was lovely. Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!


what a load of gorgeous them...gardens are amazing...when we moved in here (house not garden), there seemed to be nothing, now its looking quite good, stuff has popped up all over the place. some big bushy plants, obviously perenials, are dissapointing tho'...just got tiny yellow flowers on large domes of foliage, i bet its a weed...its not the first time i have nurtured weeds!

have dug out 4 blackcurrant bushes, 6 to go, huge things i was going to keep but way to weedy (horsetail, couchgrass, thorny brambles etc.) underneath, couldn't get at the "baddies" so they will have to go, will have a go at taking some cuttings.

also have some lovely pink and very dark red roses that looked dead, pruned em in March and now have lots of buds, same problem with the ground under them, but easier to dig up weeds round them.

have sorted out a nursery bed and have 12 Geum in there...found under the roses! and some of that "white rock", don't know the name, silver slim leaves and little white flowers, a rockery plant i think, have had it before years ago, but it always ended up looking straggly and i loved it so much i was frightened of cutting it back...any tips?


today in the garden i only managed to do some clearing and dead heading before the rain set in.. and got cold.

the wind is also strong here and my foxgloves are getting a beating... as are the delphiniums.. wish it would stop

Deanos Diggin It

Had a full day at my Mam n Dad's garden today, and I am shot! Back to the grindstone tomorrow! This long weekend as flown by! 

 Their Irise's were in full swing, which when finished flowering I shall be having a clump for my own garden in their memory!!


@Dean Lovett, I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago after gardening at my parents' house, only I was too keen to wait until after flowering and cut a bit off anyhow, my mother ensuring me they were the lovely blue ones.

Well, despite the droop, the Iris flowered in my garden last week although it is BRIGHT YELLOW and now have a plant I didn't want  .

Just my luck for taking my dotty old mom at her word!


While out on caterpillar patrol this morning--spotted this Dutch iris--weird colour, but I like it.




What a beautiful Iris Inkadog! Those colours are amazing.


buddleia alternifolia


philadelphus natchez not much scent but the best flowers

Scrummy stuff, Spikes. Just my cuppa tea. Yummy yum yum.


Love it, David Spikes--those blues are magnificent!