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@david spikes, how can you have snow and a lovely growing garden at the same time? I have that white salvia by the way, its one of my favourite plants and if it was evergreen, which its not, or at least start growing early in spring instead of late spring, it would be perfect in my humble opinion.


something bright and cheerful for a dull day...




Gorgeous contrast with the rose, Salino.


Heres how my garden is looking this month...

 The Clematis Dr Ruppel is my favourite plant in my garden..

 And the newest addition to my garden, my wildlife pond..



OOOH--that clematis is wonderful!

Today was a lazy day--took cuttings from Sambuca, wallflowers, blackcurrants-and killed a bunch of tent caterpillars. I have noticed white dots on many of them-apparently my neighbor has sprayed her apple trees with BT. As far as I'm concerned, they all die.My greengage is loaded with potential plums--a little damage, but nothing too serious. I think the fruit harvest on this island will be seriously affected, however. They go in cycles-and this year they are at their peak. They will NOT get my strawberries!



Wow, it sounds like an epic struggle Inkadog. Good luck!

Gary Hobson

Some snaps taken in my garden yesterday, red poppies, pond irises, and ox-eye daisies...



Super pics from Salino, LeadFarmer and Gary Hobson!

Thanks for sharing


Nice climbers on your archway Wintersong














Just some pic's of my garden over the last couple, of years the most up to date being the last one.I will post some more of my garden over the season. There are some really Nice's pictures of members garden's. Thanks for the help with the down loading my pic's.

Good Luck And Happy Gardening.



Tazman, lovely pics. You have certainly made the most of a small space. ingenious.

hollie hock

Lovely pictures. I love looking at what other people are doing in their gardens. I really like the poppies growing in between the lupins


Been away for 4 days, have come back to green chaos here. Peony has finally started to flower, along with Albertine rose and honeysuckle. Some glorious foxgloves gpt hammered flat in the storm just before I left, others have survived. If it's not raining tomorrow, will try and get out do do some maintenance and repair. Lovely inspiring garden photos - love Salino's rose/clematis combo.



hi everyone.. it has been rotten weather of late.. all my foxgloves have been beaten to the ground and my delphiniums have all bar 1 broken off.. everything has been whip lashed winds got up to 70 miles an ahour here..

my poor roses have been bent over and their lovely large heads have lost all their petals.. and my bottle brush which looks like it will be smoothered in flowers this year.. has been battered down.

very bad indeed.. most of my veg have stopped growing without the sun. and dont see no let up in this weather.. i know i wanted rain..but not all the time

hope to get out and do some dead heading etc tom.


Hello all- sorry to hear about the damage in your gardens. Hope the sun returns soon. Here it is cloudy with rain in the forecast, on the bright side the cool weather makes the tent caterpillars less active. Only squished about a dozen on my first patrol this morning. I am well past being squeamish.

wintersong- reno is at 4500 ft. and on the border of a cool damp pacific climate and a very hot dry desert regime-with as happened last week a cold northern flow sneaking in occasionally-as you can imagine the weather is sometimes changeable. the inch of snow did no damage but left all the greens incredibly vibrant-also it's wonderful to watch the snow falling on the garden in bloom-a lovely disconnect. today the temp is 33C. by friday possibly 35C.{is that 100 F.}? how very entertaining this gardening is.


@david spikes, thats just too crazy for my head! What a daily challenge and what an absolute master you must be!

Do you only pick plants that can handle the snowfall or does it pass too quickly to really do damage? I cannot quite grasp how it stays as snow in such temps, it's intriguing stuff!

Rob Stevens
Some lovely pictures. Particularly loving @LeadFarmer and @Wintersong's climbers.