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Inkadog wrote (see)

What a lovely tree that is,@figrat--the peeling bark reminds me of our native arbutus, but a different colour. What is it?

I don't see a tree or peeling bark in figrat's picture, perhaps you meant mine. It's Eucalyptus pauciflora, with blueish evergreen foliage, gorgeous fresh new foliage, wonderful fluffy white flowers and multi stems of peeling bark that go incredible colours in the rain, reds and pinks. I love it a lot

I have a Eucalyptus but not sure what one. It is not multi stemmed and grows huge, we have to keep getting a ladder up to chop it off. It is a lovely tree, the branches are very twisted and the bark peels. It too has lovely foliage and white flowers. I love it.

@LORELEI, probably Eucalyptus gunnii. Yes! They do grow large. Yes! Their bark and foliage are well worth the trouble. Yes! I brought one this summer because the young foliage is just so beautifully blue and I'm a huge fan of Eucalyptus!

Yes! I plan to hard prune mine  They can take a good hacking back. What a great plant.


My bad, Winter--it's a lovely tree. My arbutus has cinnamon bark that peels  off in summer to reveal lovely pistachio green underneath. I need to sweep up the dry leaves daily--sheds all summer. The bark is full of tannin, and can turn my collected rainwater the colour of coffe if I don't keep the gutters clear. Still love them, though.


Ouch Inkadog! what a lot of trouble but I was sold by pistachio green... Sounds divine.



HI EVERYONE.. a lovely day to be out in the garden.. i have managed to uplaod couple of the pictrues i ahve taken.. so here goes..


 it is all looking very lush and at times i feel a little bit messy.. but colourful!

Hope you all had good day digging and wandering.


Gorgeous pics @gardenfantic.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes, really lovely pics. Not messy from what I can see, but I like the overgrown look, nothing formal for me. (not that Im saying yours is overgrown), just that I like gardens to be a bit on the wild side. Yep Wintersong, thats the one, Eucalyptus Gunnii, I remember now. I love it. My neighbour is a florist and whenever we give it a good cut back she has some of the smaller branches for her bouquets etc.

I like it when people say they like gardens on the wild side.   It makes me feel better about the wild way everything takes off in mine.  The only bit of bare soil is in the veg patch where my runner beans are fighting a losing battle with the slugs and cats. 


Oh, good--mine is certainly on the wild side---but at least partly by design!


I love June - Great month

 That is until July.........



lovely fox gloves there curlyone.. i had to cut mine down yesterday they wre all but seed stems.. where the wind had blown all the flowers off.. such a shame they were looking so good this year too.

have kept some seeds form my fav coloured ones for planting next year..

can i ask anyone if they know the best time to sow Maltese cross seeds as i got some but have no info on them.


@curlyone, lovely garden  Could you identify the plant cuddling the lion right in the bottom left hand corner? I've been coveting a neighbour's since early spring (it hasn't stopped flowering!) and I love the silver foliage.

My lambs ears are being pecked to death by sparrows every time I stick them outdoors to harden off. I think they are using the foliage as nesting material, so I am after a silver foliage plant at low level that doesn't get dessimated from spring to autumn and the white flowers are perfect as well.


@Wintersong I think it's known as Snow in Summer.  When it flowers it's lovely (as it is starting to now) but it is a bit of a thug!  Saying that when it gets too much I just pull handfulls out, doesn't trouble the plant at all.


Lovely photos of your gardens gardeningfanatic and curlyone

The Bees are loving the single and double flowered Deutzias at the moment

 The Roses are gorgeous!

Graham Thomas

 Gertrude Gekyll

 Rhapsody in Blue

 I love this Osteospermum!

 Ismene hymenocallis is flowering in the greenhouse

 This is my favourite Basil @African Blue'

 A couple of Fairies

 My Summer Veggies greenhouse

 Pam x




Wow, Pam--most impressive. I so envy you the roses.

Lovely pics Pam, the roses are gorgeous.Osteospermums are one of my favourites and I love the fairies, have a few of them dotted around my garden.

@Pam, good luck with your open day! (whenever that is) Have been thinking about how much hard work you must be doing and hoping you will miss the terrible weather.

I have a double yellow rose although I don't know its name and also Rhapsody in Blue which is currently going bananas in my garden

 and the scent is divine.

 And my Eremurus just beginning to flower, 19 spikes in total.


@wintersong.. very envious of your Eremurus.. it is gorgeous.. the sunshine does make everything look bright and cheery..

i managed to fiish off most of the most yesterday here is some of them..

 Some have been done for a while and some yesterday.. everything just starting to get going this year..this is all i am allowed round back garden as that is hubby's veg garden.. only have these and few shrubs for the birds to hide in..  and it is such a large size.. 70ft x 85ft and has 2 green houses in it now.. one for me and one for him..he he.. so he thinks.. i have my eye on the new one. I know i can fill it easily.

I have only the front garden on the Cliff edge which is about 70 ft x 66ft and not so sheltered from the winds. I have planted some hedges ready to grow up fior some protection from it. bu they will take some time to grow..


@gardeningfantic, I hope those hedges grow soonish, maybe all this rain and sun might speed up the process. I am still dabbling with the idea of hedging to enclose the rooms of my garden, I much prefer the elegance of a neat green backdrop to that of trellis, but  trellis is instant!

It's a bit mean that hubby gets all of the back garden but then I suppose whatever piece of land we gardening folk acquire, its never going to be big enough

I feel lucky to have my not-so-little little patch even if I wish some parts were more established, overall I am happy with the design improvements I've made this year and the process will bring even greater satisfaction next year and that's the difference between ornamental and veg growing in my opinion.

Home grown veg is a treat at meal times but the ornamental garden is a passion to the senses that lasts from dawn to dusk!  I just can't get enough of that