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I like to grow edibles that are also ornamental--particularly herbs. Salad greens and chard , amaranth and red orach. Artichokes[next year]!

Gary Hobson

Some snaps taken yesterday afternoon, before the weather closed in....

My roses are only just beginning to bloom. This is Graham Thomas...


This is Rudbeckia cappuccino which I managed to overwinter. I have some seedlings coming up, sown this year, but they won't flower until a month's time...


Some climbers, clematis (Rebecca) and honeysuckle (Americana)...


A rather confused general view...



@wintersong.. yes you are right.. any bit of space he allows me is good thou he was trying to get me to allow veg in amoungst my flowers... how dare he i did say "if you allow me flowers out the back.. you can have veg in the front" wasnt up for that was he so we are as we are.. i dont mind.. i just want a bigger garden my lawn gets smaller every year.. which i tell him is good less for him to mow each time.

@Gary.. your garden is beautiful.. love that deep red clematis.. and your foxgloves still looking dandy and  your confused view one is what mine looks like.. all colours together in harmony. 

what is that large green leafed plant by the back pole of the wooden frame work called..

Gary Hobson
gardeningfantic wrote (see)

@Gary... what is that large green leafed plant by the back pole of the wooden frame work called..

The plant with very large leaves on the right is Buphthalmum speciosum. It will soon be coverered by large yellow flowers which are very attractive to bees. This photo, of the same plant, was taken last Summer...



@gary.. thanks i am off to get some seeds for them.. did you grow yours from seed or buy in as plant? i am keen to have couplein my garden.


Gary Hobson

I grew from seed. It's a robust perennial plant and flowers in the first year if sown early.


gary thanks.. think bit late this year..but can still sow for next year now.

Rob Stevens

Nothing wrong with a bit of late seed sowing . I've got Cornflower, Cosmos and Morning Glory all just sprouting. They're some of the seeds I got cheap, so I thought they'd be worth a go.

On that subject, does anyone have any tips on planting the Cosmos? Distance between plants, possibility of overwintering,, etc.? I know they get pretty big, and I suspect that some of the stuff I've put in so far might be too densely planted.


@Rob Stevens, its better to pack them in tight.

The Cosmos need pinching out regularly and I planted mine at 10 inchs apart but you could probably do even less since mine still flopped, especially in all this rain. They really need tall plant support or twiggy sticks.

The Cornflowers stood up unsupported and don't mind competing for space. I didn't thin mine out or even feed them and I still got hundreds of flowers.

The pic below shows Cosmos, cornflowers and Candula from late summer 2011. All plants were packed cheek by jowl.

 and here you can see the roots of the cornflower clump, I just let them mat together, the Achillia in front helped a bit. But I don't over winter any of them, I just collect seed or let them self seed.




Look what I grew!

 My first potato... soooo chuffed!


Good-looking spud, Steff---bet it tastes divine!


Well Done Steff

Lovely photos again Gary and Wintersong


good looking spud steff... and your garden looks great wintersong.. that mix of cornflower and achilla looks lovely.. i didnt grow cornflowers t his year.. didnt do well last year.

today we have the winds back with force and my poor agapanthus are getting a beating.. they didnt flower last year becasue i had to move them and now i have 10 flower heads on them so want wind to go away..

my rose bush has been beaten down last night along with my tall anchillas. so fed up with the weather this year

lovely pics hope of being out in the garden...again...torrential rain and wind, very stormy (maybe some driftwood on the beach)...dreading going out for a check tho' not much around to be ruined really. staked an unknown inherited plant just the other day thank god, hope its the ornamental poppies have had it! front garden, well soil, is underwater...urgh...roll on calm days...


Rob Stevens

@Wintersong - Thanks for that! I'm guessing I should have sown them directly.

Unfortunately the bed where they're going is underwater at the moment... Hopefully should be able to get some gravel and compost to dig in next week, see if that improves things.


well today i managed to get some hours in outside.. rather windy still but the sun was warm.

i finally lifted and split my londons pride and got many more plants ready for my path borders next year.. lifted and split my bearded iris and got loads more plants..but some back in around the garden and potted rest up for next years path border i keep reminding hubby of that job to be done... relay the path and make borders..

 have decided on stepping stone slabs and gravel with edger.. and 2 3rd way down a round bed with the path passing through.. so a circle around a circle if  you get me.. with a border around that.. sounds confusing.. wish i could draw picture on here then you would know.. we have drawn up plans for the wooden pergula?? that will follow the shape of the round circle path in a circle.. which will follow the paths that go out form the circle.. so like a cross section but with a circle around it and in it.. this will give me height and structure on the garden but also strong and sturdy with it.. i can then hopefully grow some climbing plants and clematis

cut grass and tided edges up so looking all pucker and dandy now.. hope to get out thre tomorrow.

Rob Stevens

I've been out doing some tidying too. Trimmed the worlds most pointless hedge, did some weeding, and potted on some Vinca and Delphinium cuttings I took earlier in the year. Nice to see a break in the weather, however brief. Be even nicer if was warm enough to just go and sit out there. *sulks* 


My slugs & snails have been too busy eating my peas and beans to notice the potatoes.  I've just had my second meal containing Charlottes smothered in butter with black pepper.