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I have been struggling with an area of my garden for a couple of years. Its sheltered by conifers, gets NO light and NO rain. Its not too bad from the front but it has bare earth under and behind the conifers, which has really been bugging me! My light bulb moment today was to trim the trees BEHIND! Pure genius, even if i do say so myself, and no amount of rain could stop me rushing out to do this job right away! (not so genius). You cant tell from the front but what a difference it has made, light streams in and its all getting a good drenching ready for planting! It looks fine from over next doors fence as well, phew, no complaints there!

Well..........Hello there Mrs Genius

It's amazing isn't it how something suddenly hits you (in the nicest possible way )

I could do with a few Light Bulb moments myself

Simplest things Phillipa!
I've been planting...and loosing...all sorts there for 'dry shade'.
star gaze lily

Well done MrsG!    Hope you didn't get too wet!! 

Well, a genius amongst us.    Good thinking MrsG


yep, a genius indeed!
I was soaked lily but water never stops a genius.

I was a genius once!  

Thanks for passing it on Verdun
Scott Edwards

Once  I was big headed, but now I'm perfect.


Busy Bee2

Will be interesting to see what you can grow there now.  Do us a picture when you get it how you want it - will be helpful for anyone else suffering similar conditions.


Ok, here are some pictures, mainly to show how I have hacked off the back of the conifers.  To the right the 'trimmings' are piled up, there is a wall there as well. Some early planting consists of both golden (centre) and silver (to further brighten at the back) lamina, some berginias (which was dying here), bulbs (also not previously doing well), newly housed primulas, also trying some euonymus and alchemilla mollis which wouldn't grow before. Once established I will decide what stays and what goes etc.

 Just look at all that light streaming in, really pleased.





I was going to suggest you do that

Good thinking batman.

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