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Hi all, new here, but not new to forums (oh no !). Just popped in here to say hello.

I am now semi retired (from the electronics and computer trades). We live in the W.Midlands in a small bungalow in the countryside (in a village called Malpas). I have been a "gardener" at every place I have lived, but am no expert. However I hope to be able to share some of my experiences as well as ask questions

Looking forward to talking to you all,

John (and the other half, Gill)


Hi you two and welcome

Looking forward to chatting about gardening


Hi John, Gill Welcome and whos the ghost

Dordogne Damsel

Hello and welcome, I am quite new, everyone is very helpful and friendly too,



Hi John and Gill, nice to see you here.

Dont forget, we can be a nosey lot when it comes to gardens, we may need some piccys, and cakes of course!

Beaus Mum

Hiya and welcome  Look forward to hearing all about your garden, we have quite a few fellow west midlanders on the forum 


Hi I am another new lady I have a smallish cottage garden which I am with the help of TV programs and magazines trying to keep in shape all I need now is the gardeners themselves (Alan Titchmarsh and his team would do nicely  Hello and happy gardening all. I better say that I live in North Warwickshire in the village called Austrey 


Welcome.  Another West Midlander here, join the gang 

Thank you for your welcome Runnybeak I will enjoy being part of this gang I am sure.


Thank you Victoria sponge for your welcome and hello to you all in the potting shed.

Hello , great forum for getting practical advice in the real world 

also good for general chats


Hi Lizyann 


Hiya lizyann and john and Gill ......warm welcome to,the forum.  Think everyone here is very friendly but the women folk talk too much about cakes 

Beaus Mum

And some of the men folk are cheeky monkeys 


Hee hee hee 


Ghost ,you might find that sometimes you might ask a question about a specific thing and the answers start to come in and then someone will go on a tangent that has absolutely Nothing to do with your question,one recently went from a gardening question to CATS names and isn't that picture of her lovely type of female stuff,you can tell im holding back here trying to be nice But taking over someones question is not on Girls,please start another chat if you need to talk about something else or stick to the question or related items please,,,So Ghost be ready were all a bit crazy here as it does help,  Right Girls im waiting for the FLACK be gentle now im getting old and mi new nee hurts

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