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22/02/2014 at 08:05

it's just typical, it's going to be a lovely sunny morning here in Aberdeenshire, and I have gone and got a cold! OH blames me for pottering around outside when its cold, so I have been banded from going outside today, I need cheering up!

22/02/2014 at 08:14

That's sad Mark. I'd take the cold outside though. You might frighten it away

22/02/2014 at 08:30

Mark tell OH you are going outside as an act of kindness so you don't pass on any germs

22/02/2014 at 08:35

You need fresh air in you lungs, not indoor air full of germs - tell him we said so!!! 


22/02/2014 at 08:59

Good morning Mark.  

That cold will go.  We are in for a fantastic summer......spring is looming fast.

I too would go outside a bit.  Colds always seem worse indoors

Hey, Mark, how about planning a planting scheme?  Or the rugby later?  

Get better ASAP 

22/02/2014 at 09:08
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

You need fresh air in you lungs, not indoor air full of germs - tell him we said so!!! 


Whoops - error there - don't want to presume, but with the name Mark you're probably a chap 

22/02/2014 at 11:05

I feel a bit grolly today to be honest - lots of catarrh and not a lot of energy.  Shame as the sun is shining very invitingly.  If you aren't well enough for lots of cold air and exercise, why not plant some seeds on the windowsill, or go the garden centre for inspiration, or read back copies of GW magazine, or sit with a cup of coffee and peruse the seed catalogues.  Do some of the low level prepping jobs and leave the digging and barrowing for when you feel tip top. 

22/02/2014 at 14:03

thanks all for your kind words, I decided to play the 'man flu' card and OH (wife) relented and said the fresh air would 'do you good'. So I had a couple of hours sitting in the GH potting on my self seeding violas. I'm back inside now has the clouds have come in and the winds getting up

22/02/2014 at 14:07

It is chilly out there - I'm back indoors and de-scaling the bathroom  - just think how good I'll feel when it's done 

22/02/2014 at 14:27

I did some sitting down weeding, and felt terrible and have come in and gone to bed with the laptop - taken some lemon juice and paracetamols - what a waste of a good day.  Once I feel better it's bound to be raining.

22/02/2014 at 14:33

Hi Busy Bee2, Sorry to hear that. Hope your feeling better soon. Here's a joke to cheer you up, two goldfish in a tank, one turns to the other and says, 'How do you drive this thing?'

22/02/2014 at 14:48

Mark - that's worthy of Verdun - and praise doesn't come any higher than that! 


What do you call a man who's lost his dog?


You have to get the Scottish vernacular for that one Busy Bee but I'm sure you can work it out!  

Hope you feel better soon. 

22/02/2014 at 16:50

Thanks guys - that has made me smile.    I feel like I have had a cold since Christmas - never really got shot of it.  This is what comes of living with children, endless bug sharing.  No sooner has one of us got rid of something than someone else brings something home from their place of work/education.

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