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My daughter keeps 4 hens and they provide her with 4 eggs each day until winter or when they lose their feathers about 2 a day from each of them.She keeps them in a big enclosure with double wiring and protective roofing to drain excess water off.She lets them out to roam free around the garden each day (she does not clip their wings but best to as they do fly over the fence).She cleans them out regularly and feeds them with pellets ,corn(treat) and a mash with grit.Her biggest problem is rats and you must ensure any food is put into a steel bin at night and any left overs(rare) removed.Foxes do come in the garden but because of her locking them in a secure compound at dusk they leave alone.(my parents kept chickens in the countryside and did not secure them at dusk and ,yes ,on more).They often suffer with mites and sometimes their crop will get blocked but this easily remedy.Chickens are fun but must be cared for .


For fellow chicken-keepers, in case you haven't heard it:

The Chicken Forecast


Oh, it didn't come out as a clickable (chickable?) link :- (   I'm sure copy & paste will work for those who want to listen.


Thanks Geoff, how did you do that? Please?



Opened your link by highlighting it and opening new window-then did the copy, paste and enter option


Thank you kindly please sir thankyou sir.


Thanks, Geoff. Although I have signed up for their newsletter I never get it - and I do check Spam every day.


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