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LG the L

Today was the long-awaited Kew Gardens visit. BeausMum, Copperdog, Chicky, LG the L, Liriodendron and YvieStevie travelled from near and far and had a lovely time in the hot sun.

Dove, Wonky and Topbird were missed, but we ate cake on your behalf as promised!

We thought we'd have a new thread for photos, so I'm starting it now, even though my photos are on my camera not my phone so I can't post any until I get home  .

Safe travels All of you! Awaiting pictures and cake reports with baited breath! 

Beaus Mum

Thank you LG for starting this thread 

thank you girls for a lovely day and lovely company.  I had such a lovely time and was so great to meet you all.

hope you all get home safe and hope we can all meet again xx

i was really pleased with my pics and will try and post as many as I can 

not a good start as don't think it's working! I'll try again later 

I think the photo gremlins are about again at the moment.



The Mods have been alerted and the tech team are looking into it .........

I hope they realise that it's extra specially important today .......... 

Thanks so much for eating my share of cake everyone  ...... OH has bought me a cream and jam doughnut for my pudding tonight, just so that I don't feel totally left out .......  

star gaze lily

Glad the weather was kind to you and you  had a lovely day.

Looking forward to all your photos 

LG the L

We made rather the wrong call on the cakes, I think. The ones where we ate lunch looked AMAZING, but we decided to wait until later. The choice in our later location was much more limited.  Still good, but I think we were all yearning for the ones we'd seen earlier. However, we struggled through .


Such a lovely day - thank you all for being such great company

Kew was looking lovely - far more flowers than I remember from previous visits.  And the rain held off for one more day for us .....forecast is for torrential rain tomorrow ☔️☔️☔️


It was so nice to meet you all today, such an enjoyable day out together in the sunshine!  

Thank you Beaus Mum for organising it.  Liri & Yvie Stevie - hope you're both home too and not too tired as you both had so much further to go.  

Looking forward to a little rain tomorrow to fill the water butts up.  


So pleased you all had a good day - I trust my cake was either chocolate or coffee & walnut

Hope you all make it home safely (some of you have had a really long day).

Really looking forward to seeing some photos - hope the tech problems on the site are fixed tomorrow

Beaus Mum

Sorry folks, still not working 

LG the L

Feeling tired today - had to go out again not long after I got back from Kew, and finally got home around the time that Liri would have. But I hadn't travelled all night the night before! That's dedication - hope you can have a quiet recovery day today, Liri. 

It was so lovely to meet you all, and it occurred to me last night that I'm no nearer guessing anyone's age than I would have been beforehand. We are indeed all 27! 

Next time: Chelsea Physic Garden and/or the Garden Museum?


Would love to go to the physic garden next year

Bit of a bu$$er that we can't see your photos from yesterday yet

Beaus Mum

Physic Garden sounds good LG and the museum 

hope you're feeling bit better now. I'm having a lazy daisy day. 

I will keep trying with the pics x



Hi folks, sorry for being late on parade, bit of a problem this morning and I was just too tired to post last night.  Had a lovely time meeting you all and look forward to another trip.  According to my fitbit we walked 16,000 steps yesterday.  No wonder we were all tired.  Can't wait to see the piccies. I'll take a look at mine when I get the chance and try and post some once the gremlins have moved on.

By the way I stopped at that lovely cafe at Kew and ate quiche and salad followed by a wonderful piece of spiced apple tart and cream sat for about an hour in the sunshine before going back to Euston for the 7.30 train it was a perfect end to a lovely day.


Hi folks - it was a delight to meet the five of you yesterday, and it was a truly lovely day.    I got home by midnight, thanks to my lovely OH going out of his way to get to the bus station by the time I arrived (cutting short his rehearsal so he could be earlier).  I'm also tired this morning - can't think why...

It's sheer greed making me salivate at the mention of spiced apple tart and cream, Yvie.  You'd think I'd be satisfied with cake...  

LG - little hint - I'm the oldest.  


You did well Liri getting home at that time.  It was 9.30 by the time I got home and you had so much further to go.


The train from King's Cross to Leeds is very quick.  

Beaus Mum

Thanks again girls for a wonderful day and glad you are all home safe albeit a bit shattered.

got tired of waiting for pics on her so have uploaded all on my Instagram account if you would like to see 

cant paste you a link but if you google janebeausmum Instagram you should find me no probs x