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Does anyone know of a ladybird looking insect thas at is black with two red spots?

Probably is a ladybird. They come in many different combinations of colour.

Hi, can you take a photo? It could be a ladybird 


If you browse Kate Bradbury's blog (see right hand column, scroll to page two) she writes about the  ladybirds she has seen. You may get more responses on the Wildlife thread.

This was the only ladybird I saw in my garden this year 

studying the photo I counted nine spots! 

  Morning Pauline7  our posts crossed  

I read your thread last night and symphathise. So much support and good advice given.I h

ope you can find something which will help you..  

Thanks BB have updated that thread now.


Sorry can't take a picture of the ladybird. My son had seen it and it inspired a song,but I am slightly wary of different coloured ones as they sometimes bite, this one didn't though

I didn't know they could bite  we live and learn.

Just a thought, if you post 'Ladybirds' on the wildlife thread you could be starting a new topic, sure to get more responses.

Victoria Sponge

There is a site called ladybird survey with good ID pages. There are black ladybirds with red spots as I looked it up when I fished one out the pond earlier this year.

There are also black (melanic??) forms of red ladybirds so in the end I couldn't ID mine.

Yes I'm sorry to say I have been nipped by one or two ladybirds, but the real bast culprit is a tic that looks a bit like cream coloured ladybird and that does poison bite.

Ouch! I'll look more closely in future.

VictoriaS, thanks for reminding me about that site  found it useful then lost it!

I'll look at that site too, thanks. I think arching Country File in Ireland, when they included a look at Adam's farm too and the harm tics could do to animals and humans made me even more wary, especially in the evening time
Surely ladybirds only bite if you put your finger in their mouths?

You will only get ticks if you wander in long grass with bare legs.
 Flora rosa

Hi herb garden, yes, it's a ladybird, I have fair few of the black ones with 2red spots .... Currently teaming with ladybird larvae, so they're breeding somewhere

Interesting ey Flora Rosa, they have their colours back to front

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