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If it's on soil you could hammer a stake into each inside corner .


Debbie I had the same problem with one of those plastic covered growhouses. It was attached to drainpipes with wire twisted round the rear parts of the frame - the wind just lifted it, snapped the plastic fittings and chucked it across the garden. I had attached another one in the same way to the wooden fence nearby and it's been fine even though it's only about ten feet away. It's more sheltered - the front of it faces the wind rather than the side - so maybe you could simply alter the location of it over the winter? If not, is there a wall or fence next to it that you could screw it to like I did?


I have to redo about 7 fence panels and posts in my garden, i didn't put enough concrete around the posts so it's my own fault.


Very wind here on the west side of dartmoor, 3 plastic greenhouse covers shredded, both panes of glass from door of one greenhouse broken, plants all ok, one arch blown down and broken and one obelisk bent but now re inforced.

Rain blown in patio doors, just wet carpet but not too bad.

Being 940 ft above sea level, we dont flood, but we do get very strong winds for a lot of the year.

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