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Just the good old island climate. But it's time it stopped now.


20 th March last year - in my GH temp was high - 26.4; low - 4.2; set temp ; 22.6 and no rain 

Last year didn't turn out too well on the whole though, so I'm hoping this year's late start is going to bring us a glorious long summer. Ever the optimist

You mean it was...warm? 
But now you mention it, Bloke and I went to Bristol for the weekend about this time last year, to see a couple of bands (Stiff Little Fingers and Spear of Destiny double bill  at the O2 if anyone's vaguely interested). We wandered back to the hotel through what felt like a balmy summer's night, picked up the bottle of champagne we had chilling in the room and wandered out again to drink it on the harbourside.

Hey ho.


Hi , last year Feb was dry march soso April lived up to its name showers every day May 2 very hot weeks 25+ and then rain every day until today so far why can't summers be like when I was a kid



Gardening Grandma

My elderly countrywoman sister in law has a theory that if February is wet, we'll have a good summer. If it is dry, the summer will be terrible. Last year's February was dry,  which fits her theory. This year's February was wet - so the rest of summer will be good. Boy, do I hope she is right!


Hey figrat. Glad to know you have good musical taste. I was a bit of a punk in my youth. Last saw Stiff little fingers a few years back when Bruce Foxton was playing bass. The Clash my all time favourites, must have seen them 7 or 8 times. Good music and gardening what more good you want? [ well some booze I suppose ]

Haven't been gardening that long, anyone know what problems we'll have if we skip spring?  I mean go straight from cold temperatures to steadily climbing ones, straight into summer?  Holding off sowing anything yet, as I've nowhere sheltered outside to put things.

hollie hock

It was definatley a lot warmer last Winter and Spring than this year. I'm an optimist too, I'm hoping the late start to warmer weather means we will get a good Summer. No logic to that but here's hoping. Dont' know MMP, once we get over this cold weather I would be tempted to sow some hardy annuals

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