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Mike Allen

Well later today I start my course of chemo.  One of the joys of getting old.  Three years or so ago, I had bladder cancer.  Surgery went well.  Sadly it returned.  More surgery.  Now the medics have set me on a six week course of chemo.  Last dose is on my birthday, 28/12/17.  Thankfully this type of chemo is restricted to the bladder.  so no balding or hair loss.  Great.  The old thatch is getting a bit thin.  Here goes.  Beam me up Scotty.  Hey nurse please be carefdul.  That's the only one I have.  I hope your hands are warm.  OUCH!  Go on have a laugh.

Good luck with the chemo.

I have an aunt with bladder cancer. She has been fighting this for the last 2 years and has just been Declared NED after her last round of chemo. I hope your outcome is just as successful.

Good luck with the chemo Mike.  I hope it all goes well. 

Good luck, Mike.


Kitty 2

Good luck for your treatment Mike 🍀.

All the best, Mike....and very Many Happy Returns for the 28th December......I could think of better birthday presents, but if it does the trick it will be the best gift ever.

Good luck. 


Good  luck and all the very best with your chem treatment my fellow gardener 


All the best luck Mike 


All the best Mike 

Papi Jo

Bon courage, Mike.

Hazel --

All the very best Mike. 

Good luck Mike, you must look forward to a chemo free 2018. All the best.


Mike Allen

Dear friends.  How can I thank you for all your wonderful words of support.  In brief.  The actual treatment took less than five minutes.  So next week another dose.  Once again Thanks for your support.


It's not the treatment time. It's the five days needed to recover from each treatment. Look after yourself and indulge in a few treats.

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