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hollie hock

hi little ann, thanks, everything is really good

Hi hollie - hope BT get you sorted quickly -looking forward to following the progress in your new piece of paradise

Hello hollie hock, nice to see your comments again, how is the plants that travelled with you? any new photos yet? 

Hello hutchman I live in Southampton - But Woodgreen Wonderboy lives not far from you and has a great garden for inspiration - worth seeing


Thanks Gardengirl for your reply. Maybe later I will contact WW and discuss further.

Good to know there are 'like minded' garden people out there and not far away.

Regards and best wishes to all 

star gaze lily

Hi again hollie, so glad you are enjoying your new home. Look forward to seeing pics of your garden 'as it grows' good luck and best wishes x 

Hi hutch, hope all goe well for you too.I'm sure you'll soon be settled and very happy in your new home too. 


Roy Hill


A garden can be the reflection of the soul of the gardener. The new garden should not be a mirror of the old. New beginnings. I've sat and generally watched my 'new' garden for nearly a year. Watching the wandering lights, the seasonal visitors, the inhabitants.


Enjoy another garden

Hello Hollie hock how's your new garden doing?  anything exciting coming up?

hollie hock

Thanks for all your kind wishes and thoughts There's a couple of small flowerbeds in with plants from my old garden and the space is bigger than I thought so have some more room to play with which is great.

Overall the plants that were dug up and transported seem to be doing well, there's a few things that still need to go in but although I'm on a hill, it's so wet and  it's very stony. Managed to accquire a separate space as well which will let me grow some veg. Be good if the rain stopped now



star gaze lily

Hi Hollie, so glad you are enjoying your new garden, sounds great. 

hollie hock

Hi lily, I love it here There's lots of things to be getting on with but I have a feeling up here it starts a bit later than what I'm used to. I'm so looking forward to being outside in the quiet.


Sounds great hollie, 

Have you got your own broadband yet?

hollie hock

Hi nut, no not really,not sure if BT will sort it out, but I get to borrow it so I'm happy with that

Glad you are settling in and enjoying it all there Hollie 


Good to hear from you Hollie  and glad that all's going well.

hollie hock wrote (see)

.... Be good if the rain stopped now


Yes, we've got some issues with Fairy and her wand - seems a little bit inefficient at the moment 


Hollie, good to hear you've got some extra space for veg. Best wishes

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