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Hi Does anyone know how I can go about getting our garden levelled? Also, what is the average cost of (what I would call) a medium sized garden? Sorry, I couldn't give you the actual size as I don't know it. I want to start making the garden look really great, fun and safe for my family. I think I'd prefer to have a nice garden more than the actual house itself haha Thanks for any help

Got a picture Ree and dimensions?


Costings - are you meaning if you did it yourself or if you got professionals in?

Steve 309

In which cases the answers are "It depends what you do" and "exorbitant" respectively.  Unless you get one of us to do it!


A picture would help. Is there a reason why the garden is not level? If there is a natural slope what is that like and would leveling affect any boundaries?


Ree, two questions, 1) how much off level is it, 2) why not make use of the differing levels to make an interesting garden?

Do you really need a flat playing field or could you by dint of terracing make it feasible on several levels with sleepers. wooden edging. brick or flag edging or even a flat area, slight slope then flat area. The possibilities are endless and much more cost efficient than trying to level off the whole space what ever size it turns out to be, it would be a good idea to measure it and make a plan.

Methinks you need sit down and think about what you really want, it could turn into a series of garden rooms with differing interests in each on various levels. It will not be easy what ever you do it will not be cheap unless you have a big family of lusty labourers who work for biscuits and tea but it could be fun. At least get the size and difference in level of the garden.


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