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Duncan Blackwell
6th March Lidl have their gardening gear on offer

Ooooh my birthday!


In my diary, thanks Duncan.

 MrsG Happy Birthday in case I forget

What do they sell for gardening junkies ?! I get stuff from Aldi but not tried Lidl


Duncan Blackwell

Electric hedge trimmer, extendable pruner, shovel fork spade, extendable loppers and hedge trimmers, folding saw, secateurs, pop up bin,hand tool selection, wellies, gloves, plant food, compost

Thanks Duncan and a happy birthday to Mrs G on the 6th.


Happy Birthday Mrs. G for the 6th

I hope it's OK to post the link

Cheers KEF! 

Stacey Docherty

Morning all well the woodpeckers woke us all up this morning!!!! Ratt a tattt tattt a tattt ratt a tatt..... Grrrrrrrrr. Cold and frosty this morning but nothing seems to have suffered thank goodness...... Well best I see to lil monster later peeps


Stacey the bargains don't start until the 6th, no need to be at Lidl at this time of the morning


Has anyone used their compost?

Duncan Blackwell
Yeah, the other half sends me to buy it all the time. Never had any problems with it.


Thanks artjak and Zoomer was my husband's birthday today so we're stuffed!


Bought some seeds at Lidl today; cheapest packet was 29p I think; brill


Last years compost at Lidl was dreadful. After removing the 6 inch nail, I seived a third of a bag of chunks of wood etc out of it.---not to mention the bits of plastic in it.


Have never tried their compost. A local farmer warned me against their meat; it is very easy to label something as British, when it may not actually have been reared here.

Wickes compost £3 for 70 litres I use it for everything.