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My dad recently passed away very suddenly leaving my sister and me to look after the garden. Dad was very proud of his garden and as a small tribute we would like to plant a Hosta called 'little Jim' (Dads name is Jimmy). The trouble is we can't seem to find one to buy anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.


Are you going to any of the RHS shows this year? there are usually a few hosta specialist nurseries exhibiting there. Most shows will have a list of exhibitors online prior to the event, then you could ring them and ask them to bring and reserve one for you. Other than that you might get in touch with a local nursery/GC and ask if they could get one for you?

Thanks alot, i'll do that.

Thanks a lot Brumbull, I've looked on the site you told me but they are out of stock at the moment but i'll not give up. If i can't find a 'little Jim' hosta i'm sure there must be another plant/flower called Jim.




Go to rhs plant-finder link in previous post above

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