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27/04/2014 at 22:55

Mike, being a member of the AGS.  I started out to the RHS Lindley Hall for the London show.  At the local rail station.  Eltham.  Next trainin half an hour.  London Cannon St.  Next train, same destination.  I wanted Lodon Victoria..  Eventually I boarde the next Cannon St train, intending to change at London Bridge. On route, I realised. I had left my AGS membership card behind. Thankkfully,all my memberships are listed in my diary. Ariving at LondonBridge. Train after train.  All goingto Cannon St.  So, Mike decides to take the underground.  Wow!   Down and down into th depths of the earth. I was begining to think I was i Dantes inferno. Down and down.  Boarding the tube, it raced so fast under the streets of London.  Come Westminster station.  I decided to exit.  Changing lines, I could have gone onto Victoria. But I got out at Westminster.  Then the walk to Vincent Sq.  To be honest.  I was very disapointed.  Yes a good show, but not anything I have seen within the RHS shows.  To be honest.  I was most disappointed.  Leaving the show.  Bye the bye, Being able to give my membership number, I got in free.

Then the trek bach home. Victoria was the closest. So of Mike walks.  Surveying the indicator borads, time for a snck.   Cheesburger and fries well digested. Still no trains for My station.  Scuse me.  Blah blah.  No. this service doesent operate at weekends.  You need Cannon St  or London Bridge.  Thank you.  So Mike starts waking.  Please folks bear with me.  I have a gross degenative disease of the spine.  I love  walking, but walking does't love me.  So back I go.  Onec again mending my way between th the tourist. Big Ben strikes. Then I am on the undergraound.  So fast. Thes old legs ar given a bit of respite.  London Bridge.  Next tain. HOME. Honest friends.  Mike is now knackered.  Te train services failed to inform passengers of the changes.

At the show.  Cetainly some fine exhibits. However I have seen better..  Sadly.  Disapapointed. and very tired.

28/04/2014 at 13:22

Couldnt be doing with all that, save some pennies each week and get a mini cab next year.

28/04/2014 at 21:04

Hi Lyn.

I have my own car, that costs me nowt road tax, or the London congestion charge.  I am registered disabled.  As Tesco says.  Every little helps.  In addition, I have my old folks travel card, free trains and tube in a wide area, plus total free travel on mainland buses.  These benfits are a gosend thiving in London.  More often than not.  Traffic is so jammed, you calculate gallons per mile instead of MPG.

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