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Thanks Jo !  Re the Hellebore's,  it just said on the seed packet that they had to be between 15 and 22c for germination for 4 weeks then they could go outside,  so as I've never grown these before I just did as it said on the instruction's

It's the Spring Equinox tomorrow so we will be getting more daylight,  so at the weekend I shall be putting my solar lights out as long as it doesn't snow last year I had to keep charging the batteries as there was never enough daylight to top the batteries up and I do like the garden lit at night,  I hope we do get some Summer this year.


I went into my local B+M store today and low and behold in the garden section outside I found some Helleborus Niger so as they were reduced from £2.99 to £2.25 (not a lot I know)  I got them,  it says on the plant section of GW to put them in a shady spot the question is this,  is it shady all the time, or just through the day,  I have a North Facing and an East facing border so which would be the best for them,  I've never grown these before.

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