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Definitely a wintry May here, I am surprised that some stuff is still growing it is so chilly. But no frost. The only thing I may do today is weeding, then I am debating a roast lunch?

Washing on the line, greenhouse opened up but still not that warm. Superbikes on all day, bloke ensconced on sofa, I'll be popping in and out. Roast chicken later on, can see the telly from the kitchen...

Off to the greenhouse soon to deal with the toms,Archers on,dinner menu planned,kitchen open,me dressed in winter clothes

Rob Stevens

@gardeningfantic - Yes please, that would be fantastic! The only thing I've got to offer in return at the moment is a few nasturtium seeds if you're interested? Shall I PM you my address?

BTW, how do you go about harvesting seeds? I've got a few things coming up that I wouldn't mind trying it with. Some seeds from my aquilegias and digitalis would be nice.


Seeds from these are easy to harvest, just wait till the seed head is dry and tap it, if it rattles they are ready. Pop the seed head in an old envelope or just sow them fresh.


kate1123  Iasked about rats in the compost bin,the advice that they gave was to put chicken wire around it and bury about 6 inches into the ground.Hope this helps.


Edentoy thanks for that, nothing nastier than coming face to face with a rat.

Good news I have found my Eucomis, they were hidden under a fleece bag in a pot that I thought had salvias.


That is good news!

Have moved some plants in and some out of the cold frame-tomatoes now set out in the greenhouse.

The palm seedlings from last year still alive, but doing nothing

Now need some warm sunshine.


I've just come in from a morning's digging. The full sun border is on its second dig over to eradicate raspberry runners from the soil completely, turning to the depth of my fork and going deeper whenever I discover a runner. Had a small bit of bind weed along the back fence as well and two runners going into the lawn that I am unable to dig out. Hubby tells me he will mow them into oblivion, I just hope they don't turn round and come back into my border

All the woody parts of the dead Pampas grass are bagged up ready for removal whilst its mountain of dry leaves and rotted matter at its centre is piled up in a heap on top of the crator hole that I will leave to quietly compost over the coming months or move to my compost bins to speed things up depending upon time, space and energies.

I'm knackered now


Hello,all-my day is just about to begin--looks like sunshine for the next few days,and I have lots of digging to do. Reading about all your exploits is making me tired, though. Magnificent super moon last night; shining on the water.

Superbikes still roaring round, chicken roasting, harvested parsley and thyme for the stuffing and a trug full of chard. No gardening done as such, enjoying a proper Sunday. So glad I pressure washed the patio yesterday, looks lovely today.

Might take a day off digging and just do some cleanup instead.Don't really feel ambitious today. Has anyone grown Malabar spinach? I have a few in pots in the greenhouse, but they are not doing much yet. Guess it's still too cool to plant out the Lablab beans. Both are an experiment this year. Lots of basil potted up, but still inside. I have a pot still going from last year on the windowsill.


@Geoff cannot believe you still have the palms, how tall are they?

@figrat what are superbikes?

@wintersong sounds like you have had a productive day

@Inkadog, you have just reminded me to sow basil, thanks.

MC won 2-0, MU are up 2-0, roasties are in the oven. I am looking forward to the final of Homeland tonight and some warm weather tomorrow.


Here is the state of the nation today----






 Should I remove the flowers from this Euphorbia once finished?Like to encourage more spikes.


Kate -what warm weather -wind and rain is forecast?

The palms have one leaf and are about 4/5 inches tall

Nice pics Inkadog

BGT for me later -Homeland recorded



Everyone has been busy  Lovely pics Inka - is that a huge slug in photo no.4

I watered the greenhouses this morning,planted up a couple of pots and a wall basket and sowed my Basils - Genovese,Cinnamon,Leaf Lettuce,Bush,Red,Purple Ruffles,Lemon and Fine Verde- I love Basils


Thought I would take some "before" photos-but don't know what happened to the captions. That's a banana slug, by the way---and not even a large one!


Goregous pictures Inkadog, thank you so much for sharing

I always cut my flower spikes to ground on my Euphorbia characias wulfenii, (don't know about others) but they last so long, I'm generally not in a hurry to reomve them


I have just read in the paper that potato prices are too rise this year as it is now too wet and planting of the main crop was or is delayed  .

So a few weeks back it was too dry and prices will rise, now it is too wet and prices will rise-constantly

Do slugs taste like chicken?