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Geoff today is max 9 and min 5 tomorrow is max 14 and min 10, huge improvement, I may not be able to garden in the rain but the plants will love it If the palm trees are 4 inches after a year when will they be trees?

I am off to cook a slug, review later.


I don't think so or the blackbirds would be harassing your chooks.


Well, I don't think they taste like bananas, Geoff,--but I will wait for Kate's report. Perhaps more like okra? Is Kate making gumbo?

canyon du chelley


horse camping at canyon du chelley


Thought I would share this photo of a friend's garden in Canada's Northwest Territories. Strange plants!

 Fish fertilizer? Actually, dried fish to feed the dog team in the winter.


Someone over did the blood fish and bone


A couple more before and afters.

 My nephew who's now a towering 18 year old! (And probably the same sheets on the line Geoff)


Evening All,

Just a quick check in. 

Haven't read the last couple of days, so no idea what's going on in your worlds, but I hope all is well.

Grey and drizzle for the last 2 days here, and I don't expect it to change any time soon.  Have been doing lots of gardening though; pricking out seedlings, potting on, new plantings, moving things about etc.  The Swallows are back!  Not sure where they're making their nest yet; hopefully under the car ports like the last 2 years.  It was so lovely to see them zooming over the field, from my study window on Friday.  Yesterday, there were 4 kestrels squawking about over the garden.  Looked like an adult and 3 babes, fab. And whilst clearing out bits of the Pampass Grass, I discovered a nest with 5 eggs, right in the middle of it!  Amazing.  Will leave them be, and let the Pampass do it's thing for now.  Blimey, I feel like Bill Oddie!

Love that transformation piccy above Figrat.  Might have to trawl back for the last few pages now.


Rob Stevens

My afternoons endeavours:

Seriously overgrown bed dug over with compost and sharp sand. Digitalis, Saxifrage and Hostas planted. Quite pleased with my efforts and can't wait to see it once it's grown in a bit


Well done Rob! It looks very promising and beautifully dug.

Rob - watch your hostas! Slugs love them. I only plant them in pots. Inka- great photos. Makes my garden look pretty plain. It's just a suburban semi garden, but hope to make it a transform over the years. Great day, busy afternoon! Cut grass, patched it up a bit. Cleaned the patio, took ages and lots of elbow grease! Was gonna sit and watch Silent Witness but it's a repeat. Kids in bed, I'm knackered ...... Hope weather good tomorrow.

Some great pics been posted!

Had several lovely hours outside today, started off sunny with a chilly breeze but later it warmed up and I was down to short sleeves, amazing. We've had our young helper in for 2 days and the front garden is gradually taking shape. He built another low stone wall for us and the pathway is now finished. he also cleared away all the old negelected lavenders which were choked with brambles etc.......the previous owners had let it all go. The soil is beautiful and I have an area which will be ready for turfing once the new water supply is connected to the extension, then buried. A new larger bed is now screaming out to be filled, im staring to get quite excited. My sister brought over 3 small boxes of mini plug plants that I had ordered a couple of months ago so i have potted them on til they get a little bigger/stronger. I had 1 box of cosmos, 1 busy lizzie but cant remember the 3rd and dont recognise it, my memory is getting worse lol. Well whatever they are im sure I'll be pleasantly surprised ! The forecast for tomorrow is rain for us, and in fact for the next few days so I wont feel so bad having to work on a Bank holiday. Im hoping to finish at 1pm so if the rain does arrive I will treat myself to a wander around the garden centre followed by a coffee and piece of carrot cake . Hope you all have a good day x

Oh the pleasures of a garden centre. Ours does a great Victoria sponge!! Oh and lots of lovely plants!!!


Rob Stevens
Wintersong wrote (see)

Well done Rob! It looks very promising and beautifully dug.

Thanks Given how much I'm aching now, I suspect I'm really going to feel it tomorrow!


It has turned into an absolutely fabulous day--warm, with a soft ocean breeze. I actually sat on the deck today with a drink and watched the seals sunning themselves on the reef--the tide is very low because of the full moon. Did some digging and repotting, but nothing too strenuous. Life is good.

grain amaranth for dinner tonight-don't think a. caudatus which i grow is the same-tasty in an odd way but perhaps an acquired taste-from the same part of south america as quinoa. tomorrow the kaibab plateau and grand canyon and then home to the garden.

Pottie Pam

Good morning everyone, Lovely photos. Supposed to be a wet day here in Cornwall but lovely warm sunshine at the moment. Had planned to do some decorating indoors today but tempted to garden instead. It will probably pour down as soon as I go outside.

Hope Jo is okay. I haven't seen her post lately unless she's changed her name.

Enjoy your hols Geoff and Kate.


There have been some glimpses of sunshine today although it now looks like rain.

Slugs tasted like liver, not to be recommended.

@Rob @Yvie @Woo so glad that you were able to get outside and get gardening.

@figrat  I cannot believe you are giving that up for veg.

@Geoff Homeland very good but not good