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I only buy my compost at garden centres.. and their smaller 2.10 plants.. i do most of my garden from seeds, cuttings and splitting.. I sell what I or my mum dont want and it covers my costs.. I give some from it to charity .. last year Cancer uk and this year Air ambulance are the lucky ones.


@rob stevens.. manythanks for you words.. yes it nice to walk round.. have planted hedges to grow up..(and wind breaks, as on cliff top and very windy all time) so i have to walk round to see it all..but they take time to grow.. and i can be very impatient. i do walk round it alot..hubby moans.. says "what are you hatching up for me to do now"  just looking i say.. this year has been hard for me as i broke my shoulder end of jan.. so relied on mum to help me out.. and she loves to cut back..god bless her.. my penstemons look like they have been scalped.. hope they flower this year.

but one good thing to come out of not be able to weed etc.. is that i have found loads of baby wegelias growing.. amazing as i cant seem to cultivated them. so next year leaving them to do it themselves..

Lion S

Hi all,

After a couple of very busy weeks (hunting for a new job -still-,  birthdays, holidays and Mum visiting) I can finally concentrate on gardening again. And also, talk about it. I have been reading messages though, just didn't have the time to react.

At the moment the weather overhere is bright and sunny but very windy. And quite warm too - about 20C. I'm glad to see everything growing again after such a wet and cold March and April.

OH made me a small border along the wall we share with our neighbours and I planted it with Garrya elliptica 'James Roof', Clematis 'Pink Fantasy', Geranium sanguineum, Hakonechloa macra  'Aureola', Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Rubra, Astilbe 'Sprite' and Campanula posharskyana. Also some small bulbs. It looks really lovely now in that corner and I was able to put in a lot of plants I still had left from my previous garden.Needless to say I still have lots more to do. Next project will be to clear the front garden of the terrible weeds that are growing there.

@Geoff, your Lonicera is Lonicera tatarica, probably 'Rosea'.  Have you been to Spain yet?



Hi flowerchild nice to hear from you, fingers are still crossed for the job hunting

@ Geoff Are you building those chooks a penthouse?

My sister has just asked for some more origami flowers for her wedding I must get folding.


FC-have just googled it you are right-GOLD STAR

Off to Spain on Friday-have just checked temperatures and according to this it will be 34C on Sunday-that sounds rather warm

Still no joy from the job hunt?



Good morning, all--I've just been looking at the weather forecast for the next week, and there are little orange suns all over the place!

My peonies are in bud-including the tree peony, which I look at every day,as I don't know what colour it is,and it's blooming for the first time. When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me that peony buds wouldn't open without ants to help them--I always thought it was an old wive's tale, but I just read somewhere on the net that ants eat wax off the buds so they can open. Has anyone ever heard about this?

Lion S

Hi Kate, hope the crossed fingers aren't too much of an inconvenience yet 'cos they really do help, you know  

I have found one job on a temperary basis but I really need something steady so am still hunting.

How many origami flowers have you made already? It seems to me that you must be able to fold them in your dreams by now. Did anybody offer any help otherwise you can send the pigeon over.  

Lion S

I have a gold star, I have a gold star.......                

Yes, that sounds veeerrryyy warm; but according to my uncle it's a different heat because it isn't so humid in Spain. And you're right, you'll need those sun glasses.

Oh Inkadog, could you please, please please send some of that sun to the Netherlands next week, the forecast is not good at all.

re peonies -  yes, only very recently I heard the same and this person had a picture to go with the story. I'm not sure if I can find it again but I'll try. You'll see ants on a bud and no aphids at all in sight.

Yay! Just been out for a garden patrol in the rain and my bearded irises have started flowering!

@figrat Hurrah!

@flowerchild I have made 95 flowers, I am now making a few really big ones to go on the cake table. I can make them without looking Thanks for the offer but the pigeon will never find the venue.

Excitable Boy

Quick question people:

First time I have grown chili peppers. Plants are about 3 to 4 inches with 6 leaves. Do I pinch out or not - they are beginning to look straggly?

Pottie Pam

Hi Inkadog, Interesting about peonies and ants. I often see ants on the buds but just assumed they were after greenfly. I don't know the name of my peony buts it's pink with a lovely perfume. One year the buds didn't open just turned black. maybe there were no ants that year.

Geoff, if it's not too much trouble could you please bring me back one of those big straw donkeys. I will pay for it COA. 

Pottie Pam

I don't think you can take plants into Australia, Kate, so I hope you can convince the customs officials that your flowers aren't real.


Hiya pam

This is the situation

KG-in Australia,via Dubai but she fell asleep and missed the connecting flight

Kate-wedding in Cornwall, Saturday

Me-Spain Friday

This is what happens when you go AWOL-you must keep up

I have added you request to my things to remember



@Geoff. Geoff! Remind me what that Scottish gardening program is called, I forgot the name and can't find it in BBC search field!


YAY. Thanks! I knew it began with a B, but that was all. It was driving me crazy


Just to clarify further, KG is attending 2 weddings in Australia and Excitable Boy is going to Malvern on Saturday.