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@lilylouise.. you have a video of your garden.. please direct me to it..would love very much to see it.. love looking other gardens... gives me ideas all the time for mine.

Lion S

Good afternoon all,

Yikes, another muggy day. But outside everything is growing like mad in this weather!  Looking at all those wonderful little plants in the GH made me a little envious as well! Wow, are they looking good Gardeningfanatic and Lily-Louise .

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I have never grown my annual plants from seed but just buy them new every year.My only excuse is that I don't need that many as I will only be filling some pots and the rest of the garden is already filled with trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs but it still amazes me to see how dedicated some people can be. Please keep those piccies coming 'cause they brighten up a dark day.


Hi all.  Just popped in to say that today's wedding went well.  Tomorrow is my neice's hen night, which includes a tour of haunted Melbourne  Her wedding is next week.

So we will be seeing a bronzed adonis when Geoff returns from sunny climes.  Still my beating heart.

Those temperatures at home are still dipping down a bit at night - the forecast says 5 on Tuesday.  Please can somebody sacrifice something to the weather god to make it warm up before I come back home?

Excitable Boy

@Woo Small world - I'm in Wickwar. Last weekend was the first time we've been to Wyevale in ages - they've changed it a lot!! Don't know whether I like the kids ball pool being in the restaurant, lol, but seems to be working for them.

Sorry to hear about your disaster - I have quite a lot of flower seedlings you can have as I'm restocking my garden but have got a bit carried away and planted up the whole pack of seeds and then found it difficult to throw seedlings away. I have anthirrrrinhhu... snapdragons, asters, love lies bleeding, dahlias (these have got mixed up, so it's a bit of pot luck as to colour/form) bedding begonias, sea holly, cardoon (got 12 of these - I only need one, d'oh! ), tagetes, I also have some chilis, parsley (both types), russian tarragon, thyme and probably a few other things I've forgotten. PM me with a phone number if you're interested in any of this as I will end up planting it all out far too close together and it'll be a farce.

God, it is so nice to see the sun, isn't it?

@Gardeningfanatic....... awww thank you so much for your offer, everyone on here is so kind. Excitable Boy has also offered to pass on some seedlings and it seems he's only 10 minutes away from me so Im able to go to collect some from him soon. Thank you again, your offer was much appreciated  xx I will keep you informed of my gardening progress. As the weekend looks as if its going to be dry I hope to spend lots of time outdoors, hope you get decent weather too



@woo2.. your welcome.. sounds good idea to be able to pick them. much easier.

yes weather looking good..sunny and gorgeous today if not a little windy.. so hopeing to get out a do lawn tomorrow and weeding and planting summer bedding out.


Had a gardening day at my parents' house today, since the weather finally turned nice. I help them as and when they need to keep things in check, although today I nagged them into letting me come once a week because I want their garden to be as spic and span as mine and they are getting too old to tend it properly.

My dad's a chef so the food was great and came home with some cuttings and bags of horse poo, hurrah! Finally, I can add the poo to my pampas grass mountain and have a mountain of poo instead  and I can add more every time I visit my parents, so hopefully my borders will get a treat next spring.

When I got in, I also found out hubby had been laying a step at the far end of my veg plot which was a wonderful surprise since he suffers from CFS and really shouldn't be up to hard graft but he tries every day to be fully fit again and I adore my new step! The veg plot is really starting to look the part.

After a bit of rest, I worked in my own garden, potting on the cuttings I bought home, some french beans and annuals and then mixed up my various compost bins which includes using the sheers to chop everything into small pieces. Phew, I'm knackered now but tomorrow is another sunny day forecast, so woohoo, more time with the plants.

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Guys! 

@Woo2, Cheers! Yeah! Been hard work, but muchly enjoyed! Really glad Excitable Boy has offered his assistance after your misap! What a really nice gesture!!!!

@Gardeningfantic, Be Green, but don't be envious! Lol!! 

n after trying to errect a brand new greenhouse for the plot last weekend, only to find a few crucial bits missing! Arrghhh!! (How annoying is that?) They have finally turned up today! Yippeeeee! All panels now errected, so greenhouse building it will be tomorrow! n sunshine is forcast! How good is that!!!! Have a geat gardening weekend everybody!!!!!

Rob Stevens

Urgh, The Child had me up at half 6 . Ah well, at least it's sunny so I can get out and do stuff when he goes down for his morning nap...

Excitable Boy

Bright Sunshine!

Off to Malvern - v excited as have never been before. Will let you know how it goes!


hi everyone.. it is sunny here today so i will mostly be in the.... garden 

@dean - have fun building the greenhouse.

@rob stevens - kids.. my youngest is 6 years old and gets us up at 5.30am everyday and has done since he was born.. that was his first feed of the day.. as didnt feed through the night.. i sometimes forget the time as up so early and hubby started mowing the lawn today at 7am.. neighbour shouts out window to "blerdy give it a rest"

@excitable boy.. have a great day.. lovely place and lovely show and lovely weather for it.

so i will sign off for today guys and get back to doing some tittivating.


@wintersong.. sounds like you had busy day.. but you will still have energy for today.. have fune.

@Wintersong, what a very productive day, bet you slept well last night

@Dean, good luck with the greenhouse

@Gardeningfanatic, enjoy your tittivating

@Excitable Boy, Have a lovely day am sure you will enjoy it, I was like a child in a sweet shop the first time I went!

Beautiful day here Im off to garden, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

gardeningfantic wrote (see)

@lilylouise.. you have a video of your garden.. please direct me to it..would love very much to see it.. love looking other gardens... gives me ideas all the time for mine.

Gardeningfanatic - here it is

Pam x


I hope everyone has had a good day in the garden today - it has been a beautiful day

I did some potting up,watering and painted the trellis that Barry had to mend first

We are going to move some plants out tomorrow - hooray!!! I will then have some space in my greenhouses

Pam x



Well, I am beginning my day---but at 8 am it's only 4 degrees! Bright sunshine, though.

I am off this morning to visit a friend who had a bad fall while waiting for a hip replacement--she recently moved, and I am taking her the rest of my tomato plants [her partner will plant them]--and some carrot muffins. Perhaps I will get my garden construction finished this afternoon. Painting trellises tomorrow.


This is my friend Zona--88 and still going strong--a master gardener.Her garden is 3 acres and an absolute marvel.

3 loads of washing out and dried. Finally potted on basil and cucumbers. Sowed Swiss chard, black and red Russian kale. Started hardening off courgettes, butternut squash, runner and climbing french beans. First roses out on Mme Alfred Carriere. Lots of wandering around in the sun making plans. Forecast for possible frost tonight (grrr!) so off to put cloches back on dwarf French beans. @inkadog - your friend grows some pretty impressive spinach!

 Waves at Inkadog's amazing gardening friend Zona!

Don't forget to snip some cuttings Inkadog! I would love to see her three acres and hear some of her vast experience in this fascination we all share.

I planted a foliage shrub in my shade border today that has been growing in its pot for one year while I decided exactly where to place it. It's strange how it can travel the entire garden not looking any different from day to day and season to season and then BHAM! I find its perfect spot  

I have enormous difficulty with the design element of gardening because I just can't be rushed to make my mind up, no matter how much I read and research I do although after I had popped to the garden centre again  to pick up my lovely new Euphorbia Silver Swan that I earmarked a couple of weeks back, I managed to discover the perfect planting spot for my hosta Blue Cadet that I'm busy growing on this year as well as marrying my new Euphorbia with a Berberis thunbergii Rose Glow that has been moved three times since I bought it in my bid to find its perfect spot!

As soon as I popped Euphorbia Silver swan onto the full sun border, its red stems immediately matched the Berberis, the foliage being perfect contrasts whilst I know the flowers of both will match incredibly well. I'm really chuffed with this marriage, I think these two are soul mates and along with a nearby Rosemary that has equally appealing foliage contrasts, I have proudly worked out a triangle arrangement for next year in the full sun border.

Hurray! Four plants found their homes/soul-mates today in my garden!


Wintersong, I would love to see a photo of that combination; I have a Berberis rose glow in a big pot that I am wondering where to situate.

Figrat, you have been busy! Garden planning is such fun!

That's rhubarb in the photo, by the way, and you should have seen her cauliflowers! She is vey generous with plants and cuttings, although I have far from her ideal conditions for growing. And I just remembered she is 89, not 88.She has many amazing huge specimen trees, and her rhodos and azaleas and roses are spectacular. She hires people for the heavy work, but she is out there every day.