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the cat and the crow


Good morning it is raining again. I was pleased to see that everyone had a busy weekend in the garden.

@Woo sorry to hear about the seedlings  but glad that you have made a new gardening friend.

@Excitable Boy thanks for the review always good to know these things from someone who has been.

As you can imagine Saturday was a perfect day for my sisters wedding, you know it is bad when you keep  inspecting flowers and adding them to the list of things you want to grow. She had a blue thistle in her bouquet that I would like in my garden


Perfectly understandable!


Glad your sister's wedding enjoyed fine weather.  Did everyone admire your paper flowers?  It was good for my nephew's wedding last Friday

 We are now keeping our fingers crossed for my neice's wedding on Saturday.  It is autumn here so the weather is a mixture of sunshine and showers.  We went to the park today and it was strange to see all the autumn leaves on the trees.



Good morning! It's going to be another hot day today--and I will be weeding, feeding, watering and painting. Nary a cloud in the forecast for the next week, and it's time to switch the house to summer mode---and to shade the greenhouse. At last!

Kate, you made me smile with your flower inspection--I probably would have done the same!


KG what a lovely photo

The paper flowers were admired, some were decorated by small children (who had been given glitter pens), some were thrown at small children and someone took theirs apart and came and asked for a quick lesson in origami.

Inkadog there was even a plant near the reception that I wondered if I could take a cutting from Fortunately I was allowed to bring some of the wedding flowers home with me.

Pottie Pam

Glad the weddings so far have enjoyed good weather. You were lucky in Cornwall, Kate as the weather has not been too good here lately.

My daughter-in-law has a Beaufort wedding car and she did a wedding in Falmouth on Saturday. It would have been a coincidence if that was that was yours. Your flowers seem to have been a success even if some were keeping the children amused.

Will you be able to take cuttings from the flowers?


@pottiepam we were up on the moors but that would have been a scary coincidence. 

Can I take a cutting from a cut flower????????

I made over 100 of these paper flowers 

Deanos Diggin It

Good Evening everybody!

@ Gardeningfantic, Thanks! n yeah! Your eyes do not deceive you! We are gunna connect the greenhouse n polytunnel together to give us a large undercover area to work in!

 Not only that, I have read somewhere by doing this you actually create two differing micro climates! How true this is? I'll let you know how it goes! and if we decide to heat the greenhouse in winter, then with the door shut we only have the cost of heating that particular area! 

And at long last! I have been able to start planting out!! Was beggining to think it was never gunna get there with this ghastly weather we have been having!


 So the growing season as finally arrived!!!! Hooray!!


Oh well done you! Now come and do my garden

Deanos Diggin It

@Wintersong, Now it's my turn! Cheeky!   You'll get mates rates though!! Lol!!


Dean, that looks great! Looking forward to hearing about all your successes after that hard work.

Kate, those flowers look fab! Thanks for posting the photo.

One more side of the tellis to paint, and then I can tie in the poor clematis which has been hacked miserably during the construction process. I have no idea what kind it is. I have also had to sacrifice an ancient woody lavender, but I shall take many cuttings.

Rob Stevens
A productive evening had here. Dead moss raked out of the back lawn, lawn mown, all courgettes planted, veg patch weeded, front garden weeded, all pots and newly planted stuff watered. Time flys when you're having fun!

Kate - About these wedding flowers - are you saying that you caught the bouquet?

Dean - What are the blue bits?  Are the part of a kit?


Pottie Pam

Everyone is working really hard, going to be some fantastic gardens.

Kate- a bit silly asking if you were taking cuttings from the flowers but I have heard you can propagate  carnations from the pips (is that the right word?)                         

A lovely idea to have photos of previous weddings.


KG- I think it is poor etiquette for a married lady to catch the bouquet, that was heading for a grave anyway, she had posies in vases on the tables which is what I swiped.

pottiepam- someone was saying that they had roses that had rooted in a vase so not really a silly question.

I have been out weeding, it is so cold, none of my seedlings want to grow. I was pleased to see my banana plant is trying to reappear 


It's cold enough in Kent to almost blow steam clouds, I kid you not!


Wintersong I believe you, it is ridiculously cold.

Pottie Pam

Isn't it quiet without Geoff?

It is cold in the wind here in Cornwall but not too bad out of it. Some weather forcasters have said it is going to be cold for the next four weeks. Hope they are wrong.

I have some nicoticia sprouting again from last year. I just cut the dead tops off . I thought they were annuals.