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pottiepam wrote (see)

Isn't it quiet without Geoff?

True...although I think also, people are so far behind that any glimmer of sunshine gets them outdoors!

Lion S

Brrr, just went outside to try and do some gardening but it is just too cold. The garden will have to wait. We've had some nice weather yesterday so was able to cut the grass. The garden always looks so much better after that job, really satifying.

I had a job interview at a garden centre yesterday. It went very well but I will have to wait for their reply now so my nails will probably be gone by next week.

Kate, your origami flowers look smashing. Errr.......could you tell me how to make them?   I think my child in care - she's getting maried in July -  will adore them. I'm glad to hear that the sun was out at the wedding - are you going to be the bronze Venus now?

Pottie Pam

Kate-I had sylvestris come up the second year but these ones are the ones that you can buy as bedding. They haven't self-seeded but have come from the remains of last years roots.

Wintersun- you are probably right.

Excitable Boy

Yikes! Thunder and hailstones last night. March winds and April showers today. No sign of May flowers.

Rumours of a ground frost tonight, but I'm just going to throw a piece of light tarpaulin over my potato bed and hope for the best.




FC- they are called kusudama origami flowers, there are lots of videos on you tube, I would recommend those. My fingers are still crossed

pottiepam - how exciting that they should return

Excitable Boy we currently have thunder and hail storms

Lion S

Kate - thanks, I'll look into that information.    The crossed fingers really help you know. Since everyone who offered started crossing them I've had four interviews whereas last year.......none.


Good luck FC, fingers crossed up here too for you.

'B' cold out there today. Have had hail, heavy rain showers & sun all in one day. Plants still in coldframes, ok open during the day, but I think am about a week behind normal this year- combination of me being rough & the awful weather.

Have actually had to water some plant troughs of hardened off, by now, fuschias & gauras. They are tucked against a wall & must be in a rain shadow!

I've just been & closed up the one coldframe- dahlias & cosmos- & just put fleece over the big pots of 'posh' (named) dahlias in the other coldframe. I cant actually close it up as the plants are too big!

At least have runner bean germination & loads of Morning glory seedlings- plan to prick those out in next few days.

Daughter is now having problems with the size of the tomatoes on her sill!She needs to take the ones in the porch to her friend, as promised, & then I can empty her sill. Darent risk my cold greenhouse yet! J.

Lion S

Thanks Jo!!!   It's lovely to hear from you again. I hope you are feeling ok and that you're not doing too much; you still need a lot of TLC.

I'm going to peal the potatos now but I hope to "see" you tomorrow!?  

@Kate. glad the weather was ok for the wedding, your flowers look lovely you clever girl.

Flowerchild, Ive also got my fingers crossed for you....keep us posted.

Have had 2 late finishes workwise this week so not been able to get outside, I just hope we get a dry weekend again, Ive so much to do

Koala....lovely photo, hope the 2nd wedding goes well too


Where is Koala's photo?

Jo is back--yay!


Jo glad that you are back and gardening. I had completely forgotten about morning glories, must put some in tonight

Woo2 we need a dry month to catch up on work in the garden.

Deanos Diggin It

How sad am I! Ha! Ha! Currently sat nursing my tomato plants I put outside for ten minutes as I cleared my greenhouse at home! n each n every one of em sulking!! Oh get warm n happy guys!! I need to go to bed!!  Lol!!


I would be sulking too if I were a tomato plant, I have been blowing smoky breath all day long, this weather is really terrible.


Dean I accidentally left some seedlings out of my coldframe the other night, they sulked too At this rate you will be lucky to see tomatoes before November.


Rob Stevens

Mine are still sat on the bedroom window ledge. I've got some sweet peas and nasturtiums that have been out for a few weeks, but they're not doing much!


This news of cold weather is not encouraging me to come back home!  I will be returning with my nephew and his wife, who are coming to stay with me for a few months.  I will have to tell them to bring extra cold weather clothing.  They have been travelling around Asia since January and are finding it cold in Melbourne, so goodness knows what they will make of Sussex in May!!


@Dean... oh.. right i see. good idea.. i am very impressed with the smaller finished article.. showed it to hubby ya know.. to give him a picture of what it is i am looking for but he just looked and muttered yeah in ya dreams and wandered off.

put i am fully aware of how pester power works for the going to keep at it

the weather today is suny but bit chilly here..going out to finish weeding beds.. managed some yesterday thought rather blowing a hooley and on and off rain.. but didnt get wet under the trees in the woodland garden..

heres to you all getting out and enjoying your gardens today.


I haven't had time to catch up with all the posts yet - too busy trying to catch up with all the jobs I need to do - this weather has put me so far behind

I am going to make up my two large baskets for the front garden today - usually they are done at the beginning of May

Have a good day everyone

Pam x